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To make a picture using a pencil, pen, or crayon. I like to do this when I am bored.

Draw a circle around the answer.
Our group worked together to draw the map.
Will you draw a picture for me?

awe, claw, flaw, gnaw, paw, saw, thaw, guffaw, withdraw

This animal has just one toe on each foot. People have used this animal for centuries to farm land, transport goods, and pull carriages. It is fun to ride this animal through the meadows.

I gave an apple to the horse.
We put the saddle on our horse and took him for a ride through the pasture.

coarse, course, force, source, endorse

A piece of a branch or trunk of a tree.

Daniel cut the log into eight pieces.
Michael's father built a log cabin.

cog, dog

The long, sharp nails on the foot of a bird, some mammals, and some reptiles.

My cat has very sharp claws.
The bird used its claw to land on a tree branch.

awe, draw, flaw, gnaw, paw, saw, thaw, guffaw, withdraw


One of a large group of extinct land reptiles that lived on earth for over 150 million years.

The stegosaurus is my favorite dinosaur.
We saw the skeletons of dinosaurs at the museum.

The part of your skull that holds your mouth and teeth.

I hit my jaw on the door when I tried to go through it too fast.
When I ate the lemon, I thought my jaw was going to lock.

awe, claw, draw, flaw, gnaw, paw, saw, thaw, guffaw, withdraw

A round toy that is hit or thrown or kicked in games.

Arnie should not have hit the ball so hard.
He hit the ball so hard that the bat cracked.
Luis hit the ball right through the store window.

shawl, hall, small, wall, crawl, call, haul, recall, bawl, install

A round, sweet, citrus fruit with a thick skin. In the morning, many people like to drink juice that is made from this fruit.

"Orange juice," the doctor said, "has a lot of Vitamin C in it."
Debbie likes orange juice better than milk.
Harry drank a glass of orange juice at breakfast.
There were three oranges in the basket.


A tall plant that grows seeds on large ears. These are a popular food to eat during autumn as well as Thanksgiving. When you eat these you are actually eating the seeds of the plant!

Mom bought corn at the store.
We ate a lot of corn for Thanksgiving.

born, mourn, scorn, thorn, torn, warn, adorn, forlorn

A sound made when a sleeping person breathes noisily. If you do this, no one will want to sleep in the same room with you!

My father says he doesn't snore, but I have heard him.
Kevin snores when he is very tired.

for, score, door, chore, explore, bore, four, drawer, more, fore

An animal's foot.

My dog doesn't like to be touched on his paws.
The cat uses his paws and claws to climb on the couch.

awe, claw, draw, flaw, gnaw, saw, thaw, guffaw, withdraw

Wolves and foxes are related to this animal. This animal is a common pet in many households. This animal is known as man's best friend.

Dan's dog has a very short tail.
Do you think that dog will bite me?
My dog likes to chase a ball.
Our dog sleeps in our room at night.
The dog buried its bone.

cog, log


A thin, plastic tube used for drinking. If you get a drink at a fast food restaurant this will probably be in the cup.

I like to drink Coke through a straw.
It's not easy to drink a milkshake through a straw.

awe, claw, draw, flaw, gnaw, paw, saw, thaw, guffaw, withdraw