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Something that was made to be played with. Most children want these for their birthdays!

Andrew picked up all his toys and put them in a box.
Are you sure that you want to spend your money on that toy?
David stepped on his toy and it came apart.
Dustin has nine toy trucks.

boy, cloy, joy, annoy, decoy, deploy, destroy

An agreement to be somewhere at a particular date and time.

Dad has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.
Mr. Jones has an appointment with his doctor on Tuesday.

Something that is twisted around into circles. A snake will sometimes do this.

The coil on our air conditioner broke and we had to buy a new one.
We rolled the jump rope into a coil.

boil, oil, soil, spoil, embroil, recoil

A large bowl with a seat. This is where you go to the bathroom.

The toilet in our bathroom overflowed.
There is a pink toilet in Mackenzie's bathroom!


To heat a liquid until it starts to bubble and give off steam.

Lucy boiled some water to make tea.
The boiling water was very, very hot.
We took a kettle on the camping trip with us so we could boil water.

coil, oil, soil, spoil, embroil, recoil

Any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living person or organism.

After drinking the poison, the rat died.
Some snakes have poison in their bodies and some do not.
We put out poison for the rats in our attic.

To disturb or to bother.

Daniel said my favorite music annoys him.
Kylie's whining annoys everyone.

boy, cloy, joy, decoy, deploy, destroy

The point of connection between two bones in your body. This allows you to move!

If you have inflamed joints, it is called arthritis.
Sometimes my joints hurt when it is cold outside.

point, appoint


To ruin or damage something beyond repair. My little brother does this to my toys.

Johnny destroyed his sister's dolls.
Mean comments can destroy someone's day.

boy, cloy, joy, annoy, decoy, deploy