/ou/ sound
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A small boat that is made for people to live on. This type of boat is good for parties because it holds a lot of people.

Eddie had a big party on his houseboat.
My uncle owns a houseboat.

A plumbing fixture that provides a flow of water.
A natural flow of groundwater.

The animals drank from a fountain that came from an underground river.
The fountain in the park shoots water twenty feet into the air.
The water fountain down the hall doesn't work.

To make something known to everybody.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith sent out cards to announce the birth of their baby.
Cody and Lauren put a notice in the newspaper to announce their wedding.

bounce, pounce, denounce, pronounce

A piece of equipment that outputs sound.

He didn't like to hear his name on the loudspeaker.
The loudspeaker at school is broken.


A color that is similar to the color of wood.

Grass is green in the summer and brown in the winter.
Jill has long, brown hair that is naturally curly.
Norm wore shiny brown shoes to school.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

clown, crown, down, drown, frown, gown, town, renown

This is something you can find in a bathroom. It sprays water over you to wash your body. Some people have a bathtub instead of this.

He took a shower after football practice.
I can tell that you didn't take a shower this morning, because you smell.
Would you rather take a bath or a shower?

dour, flour, flower, glower, our, scour, sour, tower, overpower

A light, loose shirt worn by women and girls.

Beth's blouse is green and pretty.
She wore a nice blouse to the party.

grouse, house, mouse

A vehicle used to push snow from roads.

The snowplow has cleaned the schoolyard.
You can always see snowplows on the streets of Magadan in winter.


These are in the sky. They can block the sun's rays or may drop rain. They are actually made up of tiny drops of frozen water!

The cloud began to disappear as the sun came out.
We saw a very dark cloud right before it rained.

crowd, proud, shroud, aloud

A tall tower with a bright light that gives warning to passing ships that land is nearby.

The beam from the lighthouse reached the ship.
The keeper let us walk all the way to the top of the lighthouse.

A small hand tool with a handle and flat metal blade. This is similar to a shovel and is used for scooping or spreading materials.

He used a trowel to spread the concrete for the sidewalk.
The artist used a small trowel to spread the paint on his canvas.

To spring back up when dropped or thrown down.

Patty likes to bounce a ball around the room.
The rabbit bounced across the lawn.

pounce, denounce, pronounce


A building with glass walls and a glass roof. This building is used for growing plants.

Orchids grow very well in a greenhouse.
The florist has many plants in his greenhouse.