Long a sound
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A small red, green, or dark purple fruit that grows in bunches. They can be dried to make raisins.

There are red and green grapes in the fruit salad.

ape, cape, crepe, gape, shape, escape

A brightly-burning fire or something that looks like a fire.

The wind caused the fire to blaze higher.
There is a blaze in the woods.

braise, craze, daze, graze, maze, phrase, praise, raise, amaze, appraise

A reptile with no legs. Anacondas, boas, cobras, and pythons are all this type of reptile. You wouldn't want to find one of these in your bed!

"There is a snake in our yard," he said. "It is long and black."
Mrs. Ellis read a book about a green snake to us.
Brianna has a pet snake.

fake, brake, flake, bake, shake, lake, steak, cake, make, ache

A large body of fresh water surrounded by land.

Bob's house is next to a lake.
We are going sailing on the lake today.
We crossed the bridge to get to the other side of the lake.

shake, bake, brake, fake, break, quake, forsake, snake, flake, opaque


A connected series of railroad cars running on tracks. You might ride on one of these to visit a friend.

Alice and Leda rode the train to New York.
Have you ever ridden on a train?
The train stopped at the station to pick up other passengers.
The train that we are taking will leave on time from platform 3.

again, cane, complain, germane, drain, feign, plane, bane, contain, grain

A mark, spot, discoloration, or other dirty mark that is hard to remove.

Maybe soap will take out the stain.
She stained her dress with orange juice.
The blackberries left a stain on my coat.

twain, cane, reign, domain, campaign, attain, vein, main, drain, plane

A sweet baked food that is made from flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.

Eve blew out six candles on her birthday cake.
Jeff had a funny cake on his birthday.
My mother can bake wonderful cakes and cookies.

flake, rake, mistake, ache, wake, fake, lake, make, forsake, shake

To cook something, such as a cake, in an oven or fire.
To heat something so that it will become hard.

Consuela made cookies for our bake sale.
Did Margie bake these cupcakes?
Don't bake the bread too long.

ache, snake, flake, wake, lake, fake, shake, cake, rake, forsake


To run after something.

Bobby wanted to chase his little sister, but his mom would not let him.
My dog likes to chase a ball.
Our cat wants to chase the birds.
The dog likes to chase the kids so he can play with them.

grace, case, face, lace, debase, place, disgrace, erase, misplace, brace

A small animal that has a hard shell on its back. It crawls very slowly. If you are very slow, you might be called this!

He is as slow as a snail!
It took the snail two hours to move three inches!

male, curtail, sale, nail, jail, frail, exhale, trail, gale, mail

This is when you move something up and down. Some people like to do this with their hands when they meet someone new.

Shake hands with Mr. Jackson.
We watched the dog shake all the water out of its hair.

forsake, ache, make, lake, quake, fake, wake, bake, snake, cake

An underground railroad system that some large cities have. Many people who live in large cities use this instead of owning and driving a car.

The subway is always crowded during rush hour.
When I travel in the city, it is easiest to ride the subway.


Water that falls to the ground as drops from clouds. If you stand outside in this, you will get wet!

After the rain, the road was muddy.
It seems like the rain will never stop!
Mikkie got wet playing in the rain.
Will it rain tomorrow or will it be sunny?

bane, slain, chain, pain, drain, disdain, grain, sprain, explain, plane