Long e sound
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Closing your eyes and resting your body and mind.

Jim fell asleep while he was reading his book.
Mother said to whisper because the baby is asleep.
My father is asleep.

steep, reap, sheep, leap, deep, creep, peep, sleep, heap, sweep

To remove dirt or stains from something. This is probably something that your Mom does not enjoy doing.

Amy has to clean her room before she can play.
Brandi is fully capable of cleaning her room, but chooses not to clean it.
I put my clean clothes in my dresser drawer.
We have to clean our house every Saturday morning.
We keep our classroom very neat and clean.

bean, cuisine, preen, wean, mean, machine, caffeine, seen, demean, between

Found only in Africa, this mammal lives in grasslands and plains. Its fur has a black and white pattern.

There are not two zebras that have the same pattern of stripes.
We saw three zebras at the zoo.

Anything that is used for sitting on, such as a chair. If you don't have one of these, you will have to stand up!

I like to ride in the front seat of the car.
My seat is next to the teacher's desk.
The back seat of our car is very small.
Alyssa got the last seat in the auditorium.

compete, complete, repeat, sleet, feat, secrete, neat, sheet, cheat, greet


A group of people who work, play, or do something together.

"This team is capable of winning the game," the football coach said.
Our team has baseball practice this Tuesday afternoon.
Our team is strong because everyone is very good at what they do.
Will you pick me for your team?

steam, teem, regime, gleam, seem, cream, stream, scream, beam, esteem

To close your eyes and rest your body and mind. It is hard to do this on Christmas Eve!

Do you have dreams when you sleep?
My cat, Fluffy, likes to sleep on the sofa.
Sarah said that she is having trouble going to sleep.
Benjamin cannot go to sleep yet, because he has not finished his homework.

cheap, creep, deep, heap, leap, peep, reap, sheep, steep, sweep

To imagine images and emotions while sleeping.

I had a dream that I was floating on the clouds.
I had a dream that dogs were chasing me, but then I awoke.

scream, redeem, scheme, steam, seem, team, seam, esteem, cream, stream

To take in food through your mouth, chew it, and swallow it.

Are you ever going to eat your apple?
Betty likes to eat pizza, but she likes spaghetti better.
Do you like to eat popcorn at the movies?

complete, defeat, beet, seat, sheet, discreet, conceit, repeat, sweet, street


To have many things to do.

An ant is a very busy bug.
Anna tried to call, but the telephone was busy.
I am too busy to spend time watching television.
My husband had a very busy week.

To blow air out of your nose and mouth with a sudden and loud involuntary noise. If you do this you should cover your nose!

Dust makes Hannah sneeze.
I only sneeze when I have a cold.
The pepper on the meat made Luis sneeze.
Weeds make some people sneeze.

seize, disease, trapeze, please, ease, tease, squeeze, appease, freeze, frieze

The color of grass and many leaves on trees, when they are fresh and growing.

Broccoli is a green vegetable and is good for you.
Everything looks fresh and green in the spring.
The flock of sheep quietly chewed on the green grass.

preen, canteen, latrine, wean, lien, glean, clean, mien, scene, demean

A group of people related to each other. Adults get married so they can start a new one!

A family of squirrels lives in that oak tree.
I am the only son in my family.
My family consists of me, my brother, my father, and my mother.


To hold something while moving it somewhere.

I can't carry the box by myself.
Misha always helps his mother to carry heavy things.
We will need several strong men to carry the piano.
Shelby likes to carry her purse in her right hand.