Long i sound
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To have tears falling from your eyes because of sadness, rage, or pain. You may do this while watching a sad movie.

I do not like to cry in front of other people.
Mary began to cry when she hit her head on the table.
She cried out in pain.

decry, goodbye, underlie, rye, buy, eye, pie, untie, thigh, belie

A tall evergreen tree that has narrow, pointed leaves and has seeds held in cones. Some people buy candles with this scent, especially during the Christmas season.

Did you know that pine trees are green throughout the year?
Pine trees have sharp, pointed leaves.
We have a pine tree in our front yard.

brine, dine, decline, divine, malign, line, shrine, benign, design, wine

This large cat is a great hunter! It can creep really close to its prey without making a sound. Its yellow-and-black fur is a great camouflage against the dappled lights and in the tall grass.

A baby tiger needs milk to help nourish its body.
The tiger pounced on his prey.
The tiger roamed around the safari.
When we went to the zoo, we saw a white tiger and her cubs.

A large wild cat that lives in groups. Females are responsible for providing food and males protect family members from other animals. The male is best known for its mighty roar and magnificent mane.

The lion's roar was so loud that it scared us.
We saw a huge lion at the zoo!



The part of the body that you see with.

Connie has something in her right eye.
Fido kept one eye on his food and one eye on the cat.
My vision is getting blurry, so I should get an eye exam.

pie, decry, buy, die, untie, high, standby, ally, nearby, lie

Air that is moving.

A cold wind blew my hat away.
I think I will fly a kite today, because the wind is blowing strongly.
The wind was so strong that it blew the umbrella out of my hand.

bind, blind, find, grind, kind, behind, refined, remind, resigned, unkind

Making no noise or very little noise; silent and peaceful. You have to be this in a library!

Please be quiet while I study for my test.
Susan likes to find a quiet place to read.
The librarian told us to be quiet while we read.
We had to be quiet during the play.
You should be quiet while other people are talking.

diet, riot

Frozen water.

Be careful not to slide on the ice.
Do you like strawberry ice cream?
Please put some ice in my glass of water.

nice, twice, concise, dice, entice, devise, device, price, splice, suffice


Someone or something not wet.
To take the moisture out of something.

It is very dry here because we have had no rain.
My mom likes to dry our clothes outside.
The climate in the mountains is cold and dry.

lie, ally, standby, apply, buy, nearby, pie, underlie, reply, dye

To show that you are happy by moving the corners of your mouth up and brightening your eyes.

It's easier to smile than it is to frown.
Jack had a smile on his face this morning.
People always look better when they smile.
Hannah has a beautiful smile.

while, beguile, awhile, dial, pile, isle, fertile, file, trial, tile

One of a large group of extinct land reptiles that lived on earth for over 150 million years.

The stegosaurus is my favorite dinosaur.
We saw the skeletons of dinosaurs at the museum.

A toy consisting of a light frame covered with paper, plastic, or cloth to be flown in the air at the end of a long string. It is fun to fly one of these on a windy day.

Ellen's kite is red and blue.
I learned how to build a kite at camp.
My kite went high in the sky.
Sue's kite got stuck in the tree.

night, cite, might, recite, rite, fight, white, fright, height, knight


To make words with a pen or pencil on a surface or piece of paper.

Carlos likes to write with a red pen.
Ethan wrote his name on the paper.

delight, bright, blight, sight, light, trite, cite, fright, bite, knight