Long o sound
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You use this to make yourself clean. When you take a shower you put this on and let the water wash it off your body.

Maybe soap will take out the stain.
My grandmother prefers home made soap.

cope, hope, rope, scope, slope

A kitchen appliance used for cooking food.

Dad had to extinguish the fire on the stove caused by hot grease.
My mom cooked soup on the stove last night.
Sydney put a pot of water on the stove.

dove, drove, grove

Having a low temperature. The weather is usually like this in the winter.

A cold wind blew my hat away.
His mother pulled off his wet, cold, wool socks.
It is cold and snowing outside.
It is very cold outside today.

bold, fold, gold, hold, old, told, behold, controlled, uphold

The hard part of the body that makes up the skeleton.

Julia's dog likes to chew on a bone.
The dog buried a bone.
There are three bones in my arm.

trombone, scone, groan, known, own, postpone, loan, moan, unknown, tone


The world or a model of the world.

Can you find Afghanistan on the globe?
Mrs. Miller bought a new globe for our class.
The oceans on our globe are black.

job, strobe

Not closed or shut, so that people or things can go in and out or can be seen.

Open the door and let the puppies come inside.
The breeze blew through the open window.
The pet store doesn't open until 10:00 on Saturday.
The skateboard shop is open on Saturday.

To make a choice for something or someone in an election or poll. It is very important that you do this once you have turned 18.

A vote is expected by mid-November.
I want to vote in the school elections.

gloat, moat, goat, throat, tote, quote, coat, note, connote, boat

A long path for vehicles, such as cars and bicycles, to travel on. If we didn't have any of these, it would be hard to get to other places!

After the rain, the road was muddy.
The men fixed the hole in the road.
The road from Austin's house to Zachary's is not paved.
There is a dirt road behind our house.
There is a yellow line in the middle of the road.

code, goad, load, owed, rode, commode, corrode, encode


A four-legged mammal with a beard and horns. This animal is related to sheep.

A baby goat is called a kid.
Some people believe goats will eat anything.

float, moat, remote, connote, note, vote, boat, denote, rote, gloat

A dark shape made by someone or something blocking the light.

His shadow follows him every place he goes.
If the groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, we will have six more weeks of winter.
My shadow is taller than I am!

Flakes of frozen water or ice crystals that fall from clouds. It's fun to play in this!

The snow feels cold when it falls on my face.
Christopher built a snow fort to block the snowballs.

low, bow, below, slow, dough, blow, glow, flow, show, toe

A piece of clothing you wear over your other clothes to keep you warm.

Heather's red coat is very warm.
I hope the new coat will fit me.
If Jill doesn't put on a coat, she's going to catch a cold.
Jason wore his coat outside.
Since it was raining, I put on the hood of my coat.

connote, denote, throat, gloat, bloat, rote, float, remote, note, vote


A system of trains, stations, and tracks. People use this to travel from one place to another.

There is a railroad station near our house.
Travel by railroad is a lot of fun.