Long u sound
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A place where you can go see and learn about lots of different wild animals. There are so many cool animals at this place!

"I saw a giraffe at the zoo," Rachel said. "He ate out of my hand."
A new animal was brought to the zoo.
The zoo added a new safari section and a lot of new African animals.

adieu, ewe, hew, clue, fondue, canoe, due, dew, drew, grew

A chair or seat without a back or arms.

My brother sits on a stool when he plays the piano.
Sometimes I stand on a stool to reach the top bookshelf.

cool, dual, fool, fuel, mule, pool, tool, preschool

A long, narrow container that you squeeze to get the contents out. Toothpaste often comes in a container like this.

Please put the cap on the tube of toothpaste.


A solid shape with six square sides. This is also called a hexahedron!

A box is shaped like a cube.
I can never figure out the Rubik's Cube.



The color of a clear sky.

Abe's house is blue.
After three days of rain we finally saw some blue sky.
Kim has brown hair and blue eyes.

accrue, chew, two, due, flew, debut, glue, hue, dew, jew

A large black bird that lives in the North during summer and flies south in the fall. It returns to its summer home in the spring. This bird travels in a large group, forming a shape that looks like the letter V.

A goose is much bigger than a duck.
Do you think a goose ever gets lost?
There is a goose in our pond.

truce, seduce, deduce, use, induce, noose, juice, caboose, deuce, moose

The nutritious things that people and animals eat to stay alive.

At home we have really good food.
Do you need any food for the party?
Fido kept one eye on his food and one eye on the cat.
Juana knows how to cook Mexican food.

conclude, mood, intrude, rude, elude, include, preclude, nude, delude, protrude

A tool with a curved bowl at one end that you use for eating things such as cereal.

I need a spoon for my soup.
Mom likes to use a wooden spoon to stir the soup.
Somebody broke into our house and stole our silver spoons and forks.

soon, opportune, immune, tune, picayune, boon, moon, balloon, lagoon, attune


A small area filled with water where you can swim.

Are you still going to the pool every day?
I can hardly wait until the public swimming pool opens next week.

cool, dual, fool, fuel, mule, tool, preschool

The water that develops on the ground during the night. This can cause your grass to be wet even though it has not rained.

The butterfly landed on the grass that had dew on it.
When we woke up in the morning, there was dew on the ground.

blew, glue, view, clue, queue, chew, flew, drew, grew, shoe

A round bag made of thin material and filled with air or gas so that it floats.

Cathy blew up a bright green balloon.
The baby's balloon popped and scared him.
The red balloon floated up toward the clouds.

lagoon, moon, cartoon, impugn, spoon, inopportune, tycoon, platoon, tune, soon

A place where people go to learn.

After school I want to shop at the mall.
Amanda went to Megan's house after school.
Next year Alexis will go to the middle school.

cool, dual, fool, fuel, mule, pool, tool, preschool


A brush with a long handle that is used for sweeping.

Ernesto swept the kitchen with a broom.
The scary witch flew into town on a broom.

groom, room, doom, bloom, womb, entomb, costume, consume, exhume, perfume