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A person or animal with a large, obese, heavy body.

A fat robin pulled another worm from the ground.
Our bodies store fat in fat cells.
The three little puppies in the box are fat.

chat, gnat, cat, combat, rat, sat, mat, pat, bat, at

A soft, warm covering usually put on a bed.

Aileen has a red blanket on her bed.
Julie keeps herself warm under a thick blanket.
Mom covered the baby with a soft pink blanket.

To make sounds or noise with your voice because you think something is funny.

Did you laugh when Bianca made a funny face?
His jokes were so funny that we all laughed.
I laugh every time I hear that story.

calf, chaff, graph, half, staff, giraffe

Cloth or material that is made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers.

Mom went to the fabric store to buy cloth for my new curtains.
The fabric of Rosa's dress was a soft pale pink with white daisies on it.


Something with nothing on it.

Jack left his test paper blank.
Steven has a lot of blank paper.
The walls in my bedroom are blank.

bank, dank, drank, frank, sank, shank, stank, tank, thank, yank

A dark shape made by someone or something blocking the light.

His shadow follows him every place he goes.
If the groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, we will have six more weeks of winter.
My shadow is taller than I am!

To collect things and put them together in one place.

Gather the 52 cards on the floor.
How many baseballs can you gather by 5 o'clock?


A drawing of a certain place or the entire Earth. If you visit someplace new you will need one of these to find your way around!

Find Switzerland, Norway, and Sweden on the map.
Our group worked together to draw the map.
We will need a map to find that street.

lap, slap, strap, snap, trap, flap, wrap, unwrap, gap, rap


A large, strong bag that can be used to hold and carry things.

He left a sack of oranges by the door.
There is a sack of marbles in the toy chest.

shack, lack, snack, stack, unpack, track, plaque, pack, attack, crack

A mammal with wings that lives in caves and likes dark places.

There is a family of bats living in the old barn.
Jose wore a bat costume to the Halloween party.

that, chat, at, mat, pat, hat, cat, sat, rat, gnat

A sack or container that you can carry things in.

All my crayons are in a bag under my desk.
Isaac brought his lunch to school in a bright red bag.
Jake has a new book bag.

brag, flag, gag, lag, rag, sag

One of two equal parts of something.

Fold the paper this way and cut it in half.
May I have half of your apple?

calf, chaff, graph, laugh, staff, giraffe


A small household pet related to lions and tigers. It is very secretive. Its specialty is to catch mice!

A kitten becomes a cat when it is mature.
Bob's cat makes him sneeze.
David and Kathy have two dogs and four cats.
Lisa brought a new cat home from the shelter.

sat, combat, that, at, rat, bat, mat, gnat, hat, chat