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This bird has wings, but it cannot fly. Most of them live in cold places near Antarctica. Although it looks clumsy on ice, it is an excellent swimmer! This bird feeds on fish.

The penguin has to be very careful when it swims so that it doesn't get eaten by a seal.
We watched the penguins jump out of the water and onto the land.

A piece of furniture used for resting or sleeping.

"I don't feel well," Nathan complained. "I'm going to bed."
Harry goes to bed after he watches TV.
Emma put her favorite doll on her bed.

instead, led, ahead, overhead, head, shed, thoroughbred, fed, thread, said

A long, narrow object with a point that is filled with ink and used for writing. You may need one of these to write down your thoughts about something.

Carlos likes to write with a red pen.
I used a pen to sign my name.
My pen ran out of ink.

men, then, when, wren, yen

A material that is made of knotted rope or threads with holes in between the knots. We usually use one of these to catch things, such as fish.

We watched the old man making a fish net.
Who put up the volleyball net?

debt, bet, forget, threat, whet, pet, sweat, yet, cassette, beset


Things are dirty and possibly not where they belong.

After the party, our room was a mess.
Dad thinks my bedroom is always a mess!
What a mess we had when I spilled the ink!

chess, profess, coalesce, excess, regress, digress, recess, success, bless, distress

Birds, fish, and some reptiles lay this. Their young live inside of this. When the young are ready for the outside world they will hatch!

An ostrich's egg is very large.
The baby chicken began to hatch, so the egg started cracking.

beg, leg, peg, segue

To ask something of someone very strongly.

I had to beg my mother for another cookie.
Watch the hamster beg for another nut.
Olivia begged for just five more minutes to play.

egg, leg, peg, segue

An animal that is a part of your family and lives in your home. This is a fun thing to have and play with.

Barry once had a pet pig.
My pet rabbit loves to eat cabbage.
We have a pet dog.

duet, beset, met, forget, wet, let, abet, debt, cassette, whet


To keep your legs straight and to touch your toes with your hands.
To curve something that is straight.

Superman can bend steel with his bare hands.
You will snap your pencil if you bend it anymore.

distend, recommend, transcend, portend, mend, depend, impend, spend, expend, defend

A structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young.

A robin built a nest in the elm tree.
The father bird brought pieces of string to make the nest soft.
The snake stole the eggs from the nest.
We saw a nest with three blue eggs in it.

arrest, best, chest, digest, behest, wrest, invest, test, attest, request

The color of a ripe strawberry. Never wave a flag of this color in front of a bull!

A bug bit my arm and left a red spot.
Do you like green or red grapes?
Do you like red roses or white roses?
Our school colors are red and black.

head, fed, bread, dread, shred, lead, dead, bed, ahead, infrared

To look at written words and understand what they mean. Some people like to do this so much that they forget to eat!

Aaron will read at least five books this summer.
Dad likes to read the newspaper while he eats breakfast.
My mother likes to read to me at bedtime.

bed, proceed, dead, heed, led, head, seed, impede, speed, thread


A food made from flour, water, and yeast. The ingredients are baked in an oven to make loaves.

Bread is best when it's warm.
Colton likes to toast his bread because it is crispier when toasted.
I like butter on my bread.

lead, fed, thread, ahead, thoroughbred, shred, tread, shed, head, instead