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To rotate or turn around quickly.

If I spin around, I will become dizzy.
Spinning is a part of a figure skating performance.

been, chin, bin, sin, violin, grin, skin, within, shin, when

To rest the body on the buttocks and thighs. If you do this too long, your muscles will get stiff!

Deric's baby brother has to sit in a highchair.
Don't sit on Sierra's hat.
My dog, Skip, likes to jump into my lap when I sit on the sofa.
My little sister likes to sit between my mom and dad.
Please sit by me on the bus.

pit, emit, bit, admit, omit, submit, commit, permit, spit, fit

A male ruler of a country who is a member of a royal family.

Did the United States ever have a king?
King Henry VIII had many wives.
The king was not very nice to his people.

bring, cling, fling, sing, sling, spring, sting, string, wing, wring

The part of your face between your mouth and your neck. You may touch this when you are thinking.

Alice has a cut on her chin.
Billy spilled spaghetti sauce on his chin.
My father has a beard on his chin.

twin, grin, shin, in, skin, fin, pin, spin, kin, bin


A large stream of water. Sometimes these can cause a flood!

My clothes are still damp from swimming in the river.
Our farm is near a river.
The river flooded and ruined all the houses in the valley.
When we were camping, we took a bath in the river.

liver, quiver, shiver

To put as much as you possibly can into something so that it becomes full.

Fill your basket with as many apples as it will hold.
Mr. Grove went to the gas station to fill his tank.
Please fill the cat's water dish.

grill, shrill, hill, frill, skill, drill, ill, will, quill, distill

An area of high ground that is higher than the land around it, but smaller than a mountain.

A hill is smaller than a mountain.
Do you think you can climb that hill?
We climbed the hill and had a picnic at the top.

bill, drill, mill, will, grill, spill, gill, ill, instill, shrill

To speak or say something very quietly.

Mother said to whisper because the baby is asleep.
Paul and Ronnie whispered in the library so they would not disturb others.
You should whisper in a library.


A farm animal with broad snouts and a curly tail. Humans make pork, ham, and bacon from this animal. Males of this animal are called boars and females are called sows.

Barry once had a pet pig.
Bea's baby brother is as fat as a little pig.
We watched the pig play in the mud.

big, dig, fig, twig, wig

To make something that was broken useable. To repair something.

A man came to our house to fix the lock on our door.
Dad tried to fix the flat tire on my bicycle.
Please ask Jeff to fix my computer.
Who will fix the leak in the pool?
Cameron used a power drill to fix the door.


To hand something to another person.

Billy forgot to give Mom the message that Mr. Jones had called.
I will give you four quarters for a dollar.
My mother said she would give me $20.00 for the book sale.

live, sieve

A thin, metal stick with a sharp point at one end. This is used to fasten pieces of cloth together.

I used a pin to hold my hem together after I tore it.
Mom pinned the dress pattern to the material.

chagrin, bin, spin, when, been, twin, shin, kin, violin, skin


A rectangular block of clay that has been baked and is used in making a house or other kind of building.

Jerry's house is made of bricks.
That bucket of bricks is very heavy.

tick, stick, flick, quick, sick, click, chick, thick, slick, lick