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The absence of light. You can see the stars clearly when it is this outside.

I do not go outside after it gets dark.
It was very dark in the old house on the hill.
The cave was dark and creepy.

arc, bark, mark, shark, spark, embark, remark

To clean yourself or something with soap and water. I hope you do this to your body or you might begin to stink.

"It's Jill's turn to wash dishes," complained Betty. "Why do I have to do them?"
On Saturdays, I get up and wash everyone's clothes.

squash, galosh, panache

An animal that is a relative of dogs and wolves. It has long, triangular ears, a narrow, pointed nose, and a long, bushy tail. Unlike wolves, this animal hunts for food by itself.

A fox will steal a farmer's chickens.
People say a fox is a sly animal.
The fox has beautiful silver fur.

box, ox

A large area of land where people come to relax or play. Sometimes this may have a soccer or baseball field. This is a fun place to have a picnic.

Along with my brothers, we played soccer at the park.
Paul can't go with them to the park.
We played baseball at the park.

arc, bark, dark, mark, shark, spark, embark, remark


A small body of water.

Can you see the bottom of the pond?
My dad and I caught some catfish in the pond.
We took a trip to the pond, so we could feed the ducks.

blond, blonde, fond, beyond

To cut up something with a sharp tool, such as a knife. George Washington did this to the cherry tree.

Coty will chop wood for his great-grandmother tonight.
Joe used an axe to chop down the tree.
When Mom begins to chop onions, her eyes start to water.

crop, drop, flop, hop, mop, shop, slop, swap, top

A long stick with a sponge at one end. This is used to clean floors.

She used a mop to clean the kitchen floor.
The mop is in the closet.

chop, crop, drop, flop, hop, shop, slop, swap, top

A place where land is used to grow crops and raise animals. Old MacDonald had a farm! (E-i-e-i-o)

There were acres of cornstalks on Mr. Brown's farm.
We have pigs, chickens, and cows on our farm.

arm, harm, forearm


A device, such as a bell or a flashing light, that warns you of something.
A sudden feeling of fear that something bad will happen.

I despise the alarm clock when it beeps at 6 o'clock every morning.
The bell on the alarm clock was too loud.
The loud noise made Millie jump with alarm.
The sound of cars crashing alarmed Zachary.
When the smoke alarm sounded, we left through the emergency exit.

arm, farm, harm, forearm

A round container with high sides.
A container that is used to grow plants.

Danny put the tomatoes in the pot.
Do you want a pot or a pan?
You will need a big pot to cook the spaghetti.

watt, blot, cannot, hot, lot, got, caught, rot, squat, slot

A machine or instrument that tells you what the current time is. You may look at this a lot when you are bored.

Can you see the clock?
I despise the alarm clock when it beeps at 6 o'clock every morning.
The clock shows that it is time for us to leave.

mock, stock, rock, interlock, shock, sock, caulk, dock, block, chalk

The part of your body between your shoulder and your hand.

A bug bit my arm and left a red spot.
Do you throw a football with your right arm?
Jacob broke his arm when he fell off the swing.

farm, harm, forearm


A fish with several rows of sharp, triangular teeth. Some of these attack humans in the ocean. If you see one of these, get out of the water!

Most sharks do not attack humans.
Sharks do not have a backbone.

arc, bark, dark, mark, spark, embark, remark