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Felix Faces His Fears

Going for the Gold

Six Silly Sheep

Children of the Frontier: Education

Flying Free: The Story of Bessie Coleman

Frontier Children: Native Americans

The Big Wheel: G.W. Ferris, Jr. and the Ferris wheel

A Hotel on Wheels

Amelia Earhart

Children of the Frontier: Pioneer Toys

A Brief History of Transportation

Tales of the Mountain Men

The Oregon Trail

Libby Riddles: First Woman to Win the Iditarod

The Pony Express Delivers the Mail

Billy the Bully

Kid Inventor: Becky Schroeder and the Glo-Sheet

Going Up? The Invention of the Elevator

Introduction to November

A Tale of Two Brothers

Taking Care of Yourself: The Band Aid

Boredom Buster!

The History of the Automobile

Battle of the Bubbles

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