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Who Was Jim Crow?

Polar Regions Biome

Sea Sponges

Weather Words

It's Time for Spring!

Coming To America

The Appleseed Man

Lemonade Lucy: The Life of Lucy Ware Webb Hayes

The Secret Was Told: The California Gold Rush

John Muir: The Father of Our National Park System

A Soft-spoken Genius: George Washington Carver

Flying Free: The Story of Bessie Coleman

When Autumn Comes

What is Friendship?


The Roadrunner: Designed for the Desert

Harry the Harlequin

Chipmunk Makes a Home

Evan the Emu

Chester Greenwood: Boy Inventor

Sam and Susie

The Desert Biome

Frog in a Pond

Introduction to November

The Magnificent Manatee

The Snake

The Grasslands Biome

Introduction to March

Monarch Butterfly: King of Butterflies

Help for Hannah's Cookies

What Kind of Nut Are You?


Opening Day of the Winter Olympic Games for Animals

A Funny Fever

Sandy the Sunflower Reaches the Sky

If I Were the Weather

What Is Fall?

Come See the Coral Reef

The Rainforest Biome

The Weatherman

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