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A Hotel on Wheels

A Rebel for Women's Rights: Abigail Scott Duniway

Kid Inventor: Becky Schroeder and the Glo-Sheet

The Million Dollar Wagon: The Story of Henderson Luelling

Frontier Children: Life on the Trail

John Deere

The Appleseed Man

The Big Wheel: G.W. Ferris, Jr. and the Ferris wheel

The North American Wild Turkey

Libby Riddles: First Woman to Win the Iditarod

The Pony Express Delivers the Mail

The History of the Automobile

A Rainforest Mystery


America's Cowboy Artist: Charles M. Russell

Lemonade Lucy: The Life of Lucy Ware Webb Hayes

John Muir: The Father of Our National Park System

The History of Groundhog's Day

The Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

Who Was Jim Crow?

Tales of the Mountain Men

When Autumn Comes

The Quail Has Quite a Family

A Well-Dressed Guest

Cinco de Mayo

The History of Trains

Going Up? The Invention of the Elevator

One Hundred Days of School

The History of Valentine's Day

A History of Father's Day

Moon Walking

Saving Money



Gray Wolf's Guide to the Grasslands

Introduction to December

Introduction to February

The Weatherman

I'd Like to Be a Judge

Who Will Win Today?

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