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Spring on the Jones Farm

Sweet Dreams, Michael

Introduction to January

A Rainforest Mystery

The Little Kitten

John Deere

Children of the Frontier: Pioneer Toys

America's Cowboy Artist: Charles M. Russell

The Yakama Indian Tribes

Frontier Children: Native Americans

Six Silly Sheep

Lemonade Lucy: The Life of Lucy Ware Webb Hayes

Coming To America

The Million Dollar Wagon: The Story of Henderson Luelling

The Oregon Trail

Taking Care of Yourself: The Band Aid

The History of Trains

Going Up? The Invention of the Elevator

Balto the Bald Eagle

Ugh, it's a Land Slug

The Pony Express Delivers the Mail

The Magnificent Manatee

A Well-Dressed Guest

The Dog

When Autumn Comes

Our Friends, the Birds

It Snowed, So That is That!

The Snapping Turtle

Fedex Frank Makes the Rounds

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

The Three-Toed Sloth: Animal of the Rainforest

A Message from Your Vegetable Garden

Purple Everywhere

What Is Fall?

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