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Who Was Jim Crow?

The Secret Was Told: The California Gold Rush

The Appleseed Man

A Hotel on Wheels

The First Lady of the World: Eleanor Roosevelt

John Deere

A Rebel for Women's Rights: Abigail Scott Duniway

Julio and Nasim Learn About Friendship

The History of Trains

The History of the Automobile

A Soft-spoken Genius: George Washington Carver

When Autumn Comes

Children of the Frontier: Education

John Muir: The Father of Our National Park System

The Golden Door: Ellis Island

America's Cowboy Artist: Charles M. Russell

The History of New Year's Day

Balto the Bald Eagle

The Rat


The Savory Salmon

Harry the Harlequin

Billy the Bully

Our Flag

What is a Good Citizen?

Introduction to March

Jack's Delicious Rocks

The Million Dollar Wagon: The Story of Henderson Luelling

Coming To America

Flying Free: The Story of Bessie Coleman

Copy That: The Xerox Story

Frontier Children: Native Americans

Paul Practices Patience

Kid Inventor: Becky Schroeder and the Glo-Sheet

Amelia Earhart

The Yakama Indian Tribes

Children's Hero For Peace: Sadako Sasaki

Tales of the Mountain Men

What Is A Map?

The Oregon Trail

A Puppy for Upton

The Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

One Hundred Days of School

Unsinkable Molly Brown

The Big Wheel: G.W. Ferris, Jr. and the Ferris wheel

Maggie's Money

The Wooly Mammoth

A Well-Dressed Guest

Lee and Lena

That's No Dog: The Prairie Dog

Spring on the Jones Farm

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

The Dog

The Roadrunner: Designed for the Desert

Yancy Yak from Yakima

Constitution Day

Introduction to February

Minks on Ice

Buzzy Bee and the Sweet Honey Tree

The Weatherman

Luke's First Ride on the School Bus

Solphie Goes to School in America

A Slave Girl Named Harriet

A Long Hike

Snow Day


Lemonade Lucy: The Life of Lucy Ware Webb Hayes

The History of Groundhog's Day

Children of the Frontier: Pioneer Toys

The History of Salt

A History of Father's Day

The North American Wild Turkey

The Coyote

Frontier Children: Life on the Trail

What is Friendship?

A Tale of Two Brothers

The Turkey From Albuquerque

The History of Valentine's Day

Summer Plans

It's About Time!



How's the Weather Up There?

Cinco de Mayo

The Pony Express Delivers the Mail

There's a Hole in My Smile

Moon Walking

Sam and Susie

Famous Immigrants

Matt's Red, White, and Blue Ribbon

Sam Takes a Silly Walk

Felix Faces His Fears

Going Up? The Invention of the Elevator

Gray Wolf's Guide to the Grasslands

Biomes of the Earth

The Ox

The Horse

The Tulip's Secret

In a Minute, Mom

Introduction to December

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