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Who is this president?   

Legend says that when young ____ was asked by his father what had happened to his cherry tree, ____ replied, "I can not tell a lie. I cut it with my hatchet;" however, this story was made up by a writer to demonstrate how honest ____ was. During the French and Indian War, Colonel ____ was shot at several times by Indian marksmen, and although his jacket had bullet holes, he was never wounded. ____ married a widow, Martha Dandrige Custis, in 1759. On April 30, 1789, ____ took his oath of office in New York City as the first president of the United States. ____ was commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. ____ was so well liked that the people wanted to call him King George I, but America had just fought for their freedom because they didn't like being ruled by a king, so they called him "Mr. President." By the time ____ was elected president, he had only one tooth of his own - the rest were made of elephant and walrus tusks. ____ retired at his home at Mount Vernon, where he died of a throat infection in 1799.

This president only had one of his real teeth by the time he was elected.

This president was a leader in the movement that led to the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

____, D.C. was made the capital of the United States of America the year after this president's death.

After this president was elected, no one knew what to call him.

Who is this president?
     George Washington
     Abraham Lincoln
     William McKinley
     Theodore Roosevelt
     John Adams
     Thomas Jefferson

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