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Who is this president?   

____, the seventh president of the United States, joined the army at the age of 13 to fight in the Revolution. Although he had no formal education, he was a lawyer, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court, Governor of the Florida Territory, and president of the United States. He was the first man elected president without money, an expensive education, and upper-class connections. A natural horseman and soldier, during the War of 1812 ____ organized a volunteer army to fight the Creek tribe in Alabama. With the help of other native tribes, ____ destroyed the Creeks and forced them to surrender 23 million acres of their land. He was promoted to the army's highest rank and given command of the entire southern area. With the help of the pirate Jean Lafitte, ____ organized a volunteer army and fought the British at the Battle of New Orleans. The British army was defeated with 1,971 men killed and wounded. The Americans lost only 70! In 1828 ____ was nominated for the presidency. The campaign came complete with fireworks shows, barbecues, and rallies. It was also very nasty. Opponents publicized the fact that Rachel Robards was not yet divorced when she and ____ had married. In spite of the mudslinging, ____ won a landslide victory. The most pressing problem of his presidency was how to remove Native Americans from their ancestral lands in the Southeast. ____ proposed moving them to distant lands in the Oklahoma Territory. The policy was a disaster. Thousands of Cherokee died on the "Trail of Tears," a forced march of over 800 miles. Fighting between Vice President Calhoun and Secretary of State Van Buren created difficulties in his administration and bordered on threatening the unity of the United States. ____'s fight against the Second Bank of the United States won him popular support among the working classes. After his second term of office, ____ retired to his home and died eight years later.

John C. Calhoun was his vice president during his first presidential term.

His presidency was made more difficult by the fighting of Vice President Calhoun and Secretary of State Van Buren over who would be the next president.

He joined the army at the age of 13 to fight the British in the Revolution.

He never had any children but he and his wife adopted her nephew and a Creek child.

This president once said "If you have a job in your department that can't be done by a Democrat, then abolish the job."

Who is this president?
     Calvin Coolidge
     Andrew Jackson
     Richard M. Nixon
     James Monroe
     John Quincy Adams
     Grover Cleveland

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