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Who is this president?   

____, the 8th President of the United States, was one of the founders of the Democratic Party. Known throughout his career for his political cunning, he was referred to as "The Little Magician" by his friends and as "The Sly Fox of Kinderhook" by his enemies. ____ served as vice president with President Andrew Jackson. ____ was elected president in 1836 and took office in the middle of a national financial panic partly brought on by Jackson's transfer of federal funds from the Bank of the United States to state banks. ____ lost the support of many Democrats as a result of his efforts to transfer the federal funds to an independent treasury and his lack of decisive action in dealing with the panic. ____ lost even more support from his party during the long and costly Seminole Wars in Florida. He was widely distrusted among Native Americans and his policies toward them justified their feelings. The forced removal of the Cherokees from their ancestral homeland and the subsequent march to the Oklahoma territory that became known as the Trail of Tears occurred with his approval. He opposed statehood for Texas because he was afraid of upsetting the balance of slave and free states, thus making himself even more unpopular. Although he came from humble origins, he enjoyed dressing fashionably and being taken around Washington in a heavily decorated carriage. The public saw him as being aloof, fussy, and aristocratic. He failed in his attempt to gain a second term. By the time he left office he was so unpopular, newspaper writers wrote that the public was glad to see him go.

The public saw him as aloof, fussy, and aristocratic.

He was the 8th President of the United States.

The Trail of Tears occurred during his term of office.

He was the only president of Dutch ancestry. He and his wife spoke Dutch at home.

This president once said "As to the presidency, the two happiest days of my life were those of my entrance upon the office and my surrender of it."

Who is this president?
     William Henry Harrison
     John Quincy Adams
     John Tyler
     William McKinley
     William Clinton
     Martin Van Buren

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