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Who is this president?   

____ was the thirteenth president of the United States. ____ was born in a log cabin on a frontier farm in Cayuga County, N.Y., Jan. 7, 1800. In 1828, ____ was elected to the New York legislature and his chief legislative contribution was outlawing imprisonment for debt in New York. In 1843, ____ helped provide Samuel F.B. Morse with $30,000 to aid in perfecting the telegraph - Morse Code. ____ was President Zachary Taylor's vice president; however, he became president when Taylor died while still in office. ____ was the last president from the Whig Party. ____ worked hard to secure the passage of five separate bills dealing with the slavery problem. ____'s set of laws, called the Compromise of 1850, postponed the Civil War for another ten years.

During this president's term, the brown paper bag was invented.

This president died on March 8, 1874.

This man was the thirteenth president of the United States.

This president established the first permanent library in the White House.

This president once said "I had not the advantage of a classical education, and no man should, in my judgment, accept a degree he cannot read."

Who is this president?
     Zachary Taylor
     Franklin Pierce
     Millard Fillmore
     Richard M. Nixon
     James Polk
     Andrew Johnson

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