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Who is this president?   

____ was born April 27, 1822, in a two-room frame house at Point Pleasant, Ohio. Lyss, as he was called, loved horses and learned to manage them at an early age. For three months a year, he would go to a one-room schoolhouse. ____'s birth name was Hiram ____. When he was appointed to West Point, the congressman who appointed him didn't know his full name, so he left out Hiram and added "Simpson" (the mother's name) after ____ which is where " ____ " came from. ____ was in almost every battle in the Mexican War. On August 22, 1848, Lyss married Julia Dent. When the Civil War broke out, ____ was 39 years old.

During this president's term, the P.T. Barnum's circus "The Greatest Show on Earth," opened.

This president finished the story of his life only a few weeks before his death from cancer. The book brought in $500,000 for his family after his death.

This man became the eighteenth president of the United States on March 4, 1869.

During his lifetime this president suffered intense migraine headaches, which were sometimes reported as bouts of drunkenness.

This president once said "Social equality is not a subject to be legislated upon."

Who is this president?
     Ulysses S. Grant
     Andrew Johnson
     James A. Garfield
     Zachary Taylor
     Rutherford B. Hayes
     Abraham Lincoln

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