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Who is this president?   

____, the 19th President of the United States, received his law degree from Harvard University. After returning to his home state of Ohio, he established a successful legal practice and defended many fugitive slaves. After serving in the Union Army, he was elected to Congress and then became the Ohio governor. He became widely known for his personal integrity and his insistence on currency backed by gold. He was nominated for the presidency by the Republican Party and ran a close campaign, finally losing the popular vote to his opponent Samuel J. Tilden. His campaign workers challenged the results and a commission was appointed to decide the outcome. The commission voted on party lines and since there were eight Republicans and only seven Democrats, the election was awarded to ____. ____ was the only president to hold office as the result of a decision by a commission. Outraged Northern Democrats referred to ____ as "His Fraudulency." During his term of office he ended Reconstruction in the South by withdrawing troops and promising not to interfere in elections there. He tried to reform civil service by substituting examinations for the patronage system. He held to his opposition to a silver-backed currency, but Congress overrode his veto of the Bland-Allison Act and established the silver dollar as legal currency. ____ signed an act that allowed women lawyers to practice before the Supreme Court. Although the Republic Party wanted him to run again, he declined and devoted the rest of his life to promoting education for Southern black youth and working for prison reform.

Northern Democrats called him "His Fraudulency."

His wife was the First Lady to have graduated from college.

He tried to reform civil service and end the patronage system of appointments to federal jobs.

He appointed poet James Russell Lowell to the position of Minister to Spain.

This president once said "Fighting battles is like courting girls: those who make the most pretensions and are boldest usually win."

Who is this president?
     Ulysses S. Grant
     Jimmy Carter
     Woodrow Wilson
     Rutherford B. Hayes
     Chester A. Arthur
     Martin Van Buren

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