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Who is this president?   

____ was born on October 5, 1829 to a Baptist minister and his wife. ____ became a lawyer and was very much for civil rights. He fought a case for a black woman, Lizzie Jennings, who had been forced off a Brooklyn streetcar by the conductor and some of the passengers. ____ won 500-dollar damages for her and, more important, obtained a court decision that black passengers should be allowed the same treatment on street railways as white passengers. In 1859, ____ married Ellen Lewis Herndon. On the evening of Sept. 19, 1881, Vice President ____ was in his home when he could hear through the open windows newsboys shouting, "President Garfield is dying!" Around midnight he received a telegram from the members of James Garfield's Cabinet informing him of the president's death and advising him to take the oath of office without delay. ____ took the oath with firm resolution, but his heart was heavy. He knew that millions of Americans regarded him as unfit for the presidency of the United States, but he would prove them wrong.

During this president's term, Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

The famous detective, Allan Pinkerton, was this president's son-in-law.

During this president's term, the first laws to regulate child labor and improve working conditions were passed.

This president created difficult tests for people who wanted to apply for government jobs.

This president once said "If it were not for the reporters, I would tell you the truth."

Who is this president?
     Chester A. Arthur
     George W. Bush
     George Washington
     James A. Garfield
     Grover Cleveland
     Rutherford B. Hayes

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