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Who is this president?   

____ was the 27th President of the United States and its 10th Chief Justice. ____ seems to have been an unwilling president and said that politics made him sick. His wife had prodded him to go after the presidency and was one of his chief advisers. ____ was educated as a lawyer and held several minor political positions until he was appointed to head a commission to end the military rule in the Philippines. ____ was known as an efficient and humane administrator and, as a result of his work in the Philippines, was appointed Secretary of War by President Theodore Roosevelt. The two men became good friends and when Roosevelt decided not to run for another term, he chose ____ as his successor. ____ defeated William Jennings Bryan and became president amid expectations that he would carry on Roosevelt's progressive policies. In some ways he did. ____ completed more anti-trust cases than Roosevelt, supported the income-tax amendment to the Constitution, helped enact a system of postal savings, and backed several social reforms including an 8-hour workday in federal employment. His administration was known more for its failure, partly because he was not a talented political leader and partly because he clashed frequently with the Progressives. The most important battles were over tariff reform and conservation policy. At last, former president Roosevelt was drawn into the battle and ran against ____ in 1912. ____ won the Republican nomination, but the Progressives created the Bull Moose Party (Progressive Party) and nominated Roosevelt. Both men lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson. After his loss of the presidency, ____ became a professor at Yale Law School. ____ was appointed Chief Justice of the United States in 1921.

He was the 10th Chief Justice of the United States.

He was an efficient and humane governor of the Philippines.

He was President Roosevelt's Secretary of War and his good friend.

During his administration, the Mann-Elkins Act gave the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) jurisdiction over telephone and telegraph lines.

This president once said "I am president now, and tired of being kicked around."

Who is this president?
     William Henry Harrison
     Warren Harding
     Lyndon B. Johnson
     William McKinley
     William H. Taft
     Grover Cleveland

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