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Who is this president?   

Elected as the 32nd president of the United States, ____ remained in office from 1933 to 1945. He was the only president to be elected to four terms. During his tenure as president, he was confronted with many domestic and international problems including the results of a depression and a world war. His fifth cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, was the 26th president. ____ won election to the New York Senate in 1910. Under President Wilson, ____ served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He was the Democratic nominee for vice president in 1920. In the summer of 1921, at the age of 39, he was stricken with polio. When he was elected president there were 13 million unemployed people in the United States, and almost every bank was closed. Effects of the depression were felt in every aspect of American life. During his first hundred days, he and Congress enacted a sweeping program to bring recovery to business and agriculture and relief to the unemployed. Within three years the United States had achieved some recovery although more and more businessmen and bankers were against President ____'s New Deal program because it greatly expanded government's power. Several important measures were initiated during ____'s early years as president that affected the financial stability of the nation and provided employment opportunities in government service and employment protections for average Americans. When he ran for re-election in 1936 he had the solid support of farmers, laborers, and the poor. Looming over the beginnings of economic recovery was World War II. ____ persuaded Congress to help Great Britain defend itself against German invasion. Fifty older American destroyers were sent to Great Britain in exchange for eight naval bases. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, destroying most of the American Pacific fleet and hundreds of airplanes, and killing about 2,500 military personnel and civilians. One day later Congress declared war on Japan. On December 11, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. The war, which was being fought across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, resulted in more jobs being created than there were people to fill them. President ____ believed peace following the war must include a good relationship with the Soviet Union. He joined British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union for talks in 1943 and 1945 to discuss the terms of peace. He was elected for his fourth term in 1944. However, his health continued to decline with the onset of hardening of the arteries a year before his February 1945 meeting with Churchill and Stalin. In April of that year he traveled to his cottage in Warm Springs, Georgia, to rest. It was there, while sitting for a portrait, that he suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage. Many Americans remember President ____ for his national radio addresses, known as "fireside chats." His wife was Eleanor ____, a cousin to Theodore Roosevelt.

Polio struck him when he was 39 years old.

His death was the result of a brain hemorrhage.

He is known for the phrase, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

He is the only president elected to four terms.

This president once said "Put two or three men in positions of conflicting authority. This will force them to work at loggerheads, allowing you to be the ultimate arbiter."

Who is this president?
     Calvin Coolidge
     Dwight D. Eisenhower
     Thomas Jefferson
     Franklin D. Roosevelt
     Harry Truman
     James Monroe

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