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Who is this president?   

____ was born on July 14, 1913, in Omaha, Nebraska. When ____ graduated with a liberal arts degree in 1935, he refused offers from the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions to play professional football. In 1949, the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce cited him as one of ten outstanding young Americans. ____ was thinking about ending his political career in 1976 and returning, perhaps, to law practice; but then came the call to the vice-presidency. In President Nixon's resignation speech, he said that the leadership of the country would be in good hands with ____. On the following day, as Nixon's letter of resignation was delivered to the secretary of state, ____ became president. ____ promised to follow his instincts of openness and candor. ____'s voice broke as he said, "May our former president who brought peace to millions find it for himself."

This president became vice president and president without being elected to either office.

This president was the head boxing coach and assistant football coach at Yale University.

This president had two attempts on his life in California during the month of September 1975 - both attempts by women.

During this president's term, the Vietnam War ended.

This president once said "I am acutely aware that you have not elected me as your president by your ballots, so I ask you to confirm me with your prayers."

Who is this president?
     William H. Taft
     Richard M. Nixon
     Gerald R. Ford
     Lyndon B. Johnson
     Ronald Reagan
     Jimmy Carter

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