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Presidents of the United States


1.  This president proposed the ____ Doctrine in his message to Congress in 1823, and it has been a very important part of American foreign policy ever since.
This president moved to New York City and died there on July 4, 1831.
From 1799 to 1802, this president served as Governor of Virginia.
2.  During this president's term, the P.T. Barnum's circus "The Greatest Show on Earth," opened.
This president ate a cucumber soaked in vinegar for breakfast each day.
On April 9, 1865, this president accepted the surrender of Confederate commander Robert E. Lee, at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, ending the Civil War and he generously allowed Southern soldiers to keep their personal weapons and horses.
3.  He was the third president to postpone his oath-taking ceremony to Monday because March 4th fell on a Sunday.
At the request of state governors, he used federal troops against strikers in the railroad strikes of 1877.
He was finally declared president by a commission of 8 Republicans and 7 Democrats appointed by Congress.
4.  He plays tennis, softball, billiards, bowls, fishes, and hunts.
He rode a motorcycle before entering politics.
During his term of office, a group of Iranian students took the staff members of the American embassy in Tehran hostage.
5.  During this president's term, Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.
This man became the thirtieth president of the United States when President Harding died unexpectedly.
This president refused to use the telephone while he was in office.
6.  This president was the first to address the Russians on Russian television.
Before Super Bowl VI, this president called Miami Dolphins coach, Don Shula, to recommend a play, but the play didn't work.
This president had the White House swimming pool filled in to give the press more room to stand when covering White House events.
7.  This president was President Ronald Reagan's vice president for eight years.
During this president's term, the Cold War ended with the breakup of the Soviet Union.
This president survived four plane crashes as a World War II fighter pilot.
8.  This president was an attorney who defended a British officer and seven enlisted during the Boston Massacre.
This president was one of the town attorneys who argued the legality of the Stamp Act.
The president was the vice president of the United States under George Washington.
9.  This president was born in Hope, Arkansas, on August 19, 1946.
This president's secret code name was "Eagle."
This president is the only President ever to be elected twice without ever receiving 50% of the popular vote.
10.  This president turned down a third term as president, wishing only to retire to his beautiful family home, Mount Vernon.
The capital of the United States was named after this president.
This president was not wounded while he was a Colonel in the French and Indian War.
11.  In 1961 when Fidel Castro, (communist dictator of Cuba) seized property belonging to U.S. companies on Cuba, ____ broke off all diplomatic relations.
This man was the first president of all 50 states.
This man was elected the thirty-fourth president of the United States in 1953.
3.  This man was inaugurated into the presidency on March 4, 1841 - one month before he died of pneumonia.
This president died on April 4, 1841.
This president's father was a signer of the Declaration of Independence - Benjamin ____.
5.  As the Democratic nominee, he was helped in the election by Reformed Republicans, or "Mugwumps."
This president is pictured on the thousand-dollar bill.
During this president's first term, Geronimo surrendered, ending the fighting between the United States and the Apache Indians.
12.  During this president's time at the White House, Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play major-league baseball.
During this man's presidency, some television stations begin broadcasting in color.
This president was left-handed, but his parents made him write with his right hand when he was a boy.
13.  He was president of a university before becoming president of the United States.
This president was the first to have earned a Ph.D.
World War I happened during his presidency.
14.  He died three months after he left the White House.
His wife did not allow drinking, dancing, or card playing in the White House.
He was a hard man to know or like.
15.  This president became vice president and president without being elected to either office.
This president was the only president to serve without being chosen in the national election.
During this president's term, the Vietnam War ended.
16.  This president died just days before the end of World War II.
He introduced legislation that raised tax rates for people with large incomes and for large corporations.
He recommended reorganization of the Supreme Court, but Congress voted him down on the issue.
17.  This president was the fourth vice president who succeeded to the presidency because of the death of his predecessor, John F. Kennedy.
"Flower Power" and the "Generation Gap" became common public slogans during the later years of his presidency.
He was referred to as "LBJ" following the examples of Franklin Roosevelt, known as "FDR"; and John Kennedy, known as "JFK."
18.  He sent federal troops into South Carolina when South Carolina tried to nullify federal tariff laws.
He defeated the Creeks in Alabama and forced them to give up 23 million acres of their land.
He had no formal education.
19.  In 1962, this president went to the edge of war, blocking Havana harbor until the Soviets removed nuclear missiles from Cuban bases.
He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
This president could be heard saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."
20.  This president was so good at giving speeches that he memorized all 3,319 words of his inaugural address.
This president was wounded during the Mexican War.
This man was the fourteenth president of the United States.


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