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  Rain Forest Animals
Word List
bird of paradise
poison dart frog


Match each definition with a word.

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1.   A skilled climber, this animal spends a lot of time in trees. This animal has a long tail, and it is a close relative of apes and humans.

2.   This dark brown colored insect is a household pest! It has an oval shaped body, and it loves hiding in dark places.

3.   This fish, living in places like the Amazon River, is also called cannibal fish. Its powerful jaw and sharp teeth are its greatest weapons! Working together, they can eat up their victim within minutes!

4.   This is the largest primate, found only in the rainforests of Africa. This animal faces the danger of extinction.

5.   This animal family is sometimes confused with monkeys. Although both are primates, members of this animal family do not have tails and their arms are longer than their legs. Chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons, and gibbons are all members of this animal family.

6.   This endangered, large monkey is found only in the rainforests of West Africa. The male of this animal has an eye-catching muzzle - it is red in the center with blue grooved ridges on both sides.

7.   The skin of this tiny, brightly colored frog is so toxic that it can kill us! This frog lives in the rainforests of Central and South America.

8.   This animal has two large, flat ears, two long tusks, and a long trunk. It is also the world's largest land animal.

9.   The nest of this insect is a large mound with chimneys that tower high above the ground. Its favorite food is wood!

10.   This insect looks like a butterfly. To tell this insect from a butterfly, we can observe its antennae. This insect's antennae are featherlike.

11.   This animal has a long, sticky tongue, and its favorite foods are ants and termites. Its front feet have long, curved claws that are used for tearing open ant and termite nests. To protect its claws and keep them sharp, this animal walks on its knuckles with its claws tucked inward.

12.   This insect has long, slender wings and a narrow body. The female of this insect sucks blood and the male eats nectar and water. When this insect bites, it causes swelling and irritation.

13.   This lizard is a great disguise master! It can change its color to match its surroundings or to reflect its mood. It has a very long tongue - about the same length as its body! When it hunts, it flicks out its sticky-tipped tongue to capture prey.

14.   This tiny insect is known for its great strength of carrying objects much heavier than its own weight. It lives in highly organized societies called colonies - the queen is in charge of laying eggs; her mates do not have any significant social roles other than mating with the queen, and the workers are responsible for fetching food and running errands.

15.   This strange-looking bird lives in the rainforests of Central and South America. It has a huge, colorful beak - its beak can be as long as its body!

16.   This type of insect flies from one flower to another to collect nectar. Like ants, this type of insect lives in a highly organized society. Its favorite food is flower nectar, which it uses to make honey. It really hurts when this insect stings us!

17.   The male of this bird has long, beautiful tail feathers decorated with "eyes". When it is time to find a mate, the male opens out his tail feathers like a fan.

18.   With about 350,000 different species, the common name of this insect makes up for the largest group of insects. Ladybugs belong to this group of insects.

19.   This snake lives in the jungles of South America. It usually hides in rivers. When it hunts, it coils its powerful, muscular body around its prey and squeezes the victim to death! It can grow very big - it is the heaviest snake in the world!

20.   This beautiful insect is known for its brightly colored wings. Its favorite food is sugary liquids like nectar and fruit juices. When it rests, it holds its wings upright.

21.   Found only in New Guinea, the male of this bird is famous for his magnificent tail feathers. When the Spanish explorers saw this bird for the first time, they believed that this bird was a visitor from paradise.

22.   Living in the rainforests of Central and South America, this animal spends most of its time hanging upside down from tree branches. It is also the world's slowest moving land animal! There are two species of this animal - one has two toes on its hands and the other has three toes on its hands.



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