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Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking
             Critical Thinking

Read and Color
            The Reasons for the Seasons

Rhyme Cards
            Reason Out Rhymes

Reading Comprehensions
     Reasons for Regions (Grades 3-4)
     The Reason for the Seasons (Grades 5-7)
     The "Maine" Reason to Pick Your Teeth (Grades 7-9)

Finish the Story
     Rhyme or Reason (Grade 5-6)

Read and Color Books
            Independence Day
            Introduction to December
            Gray Wolf's Guide to the Grasslands
            Lizzy visits the National Zoo

Reading Comprehension Lesson Ideas
(Grades 6-8)
     Jean Piaget: Taking Children's Thinking Seriously
     The Life of Jean Piaget

Daily Themes
(Grades 6-8)
     The Benefits of Board Games

(Grades 1-2)
     Why Do Adults Work?
(Grades 3-5)
     A Collection of Best Friends
     ABCs and ZZZs
     Alvaro's Kidnapping: A Crime in Colombia
     Always Before Me!
     An E-mail from Dharma the Dust Storm
     And Called It Macaroni
     Apples Aren't Always Red
     Cards for Mother's Day
     Christmas Shopping
     Color Me Blue
     Cookie-Cutter Sharks
     Corn Snakes
     Disc Golf Cap
     Flyways, Not Freeways!
     Food Webs
     Freddy for President
     Glaciers: Moving Rivers of Ice
     Gloves and Mittens
     Greenland Sharks
     Hot Springs National Park
     How Are You Intelligent?
     How to Catch (or Not to Catch!) a Cold
     It's a Mystery!
     Jimmy's Hat
     Keith Interviews Ana, the Imperial Amazon Parrot
     Looking at Earth from Space
     Lumpy Rug Day
     Lunar Rainbow
     Mystery of the Letter
     No Surprises in Your Water
     Oregon National Historic Trail
     Putting on a New Face with Face Painting
     Redwood National and State Parks
     Special Shoes
     Summer Movie Spectacular, Part 1
     Thanks and Cheer
     The Allowance Advance
     The Fennec Fox
     The Great American Smokeout
     The Heritage Farm
     The Mystery of Tyrannosaurus Rex's Short Arms
     The Statue of Liberty
     The Sun and the Seasons
     Too Busy for Breakfast
     Traveling - Make Your Travel Plans
     What Has Feathers, but Cannot Fly?
     What Is Geography?
     What's That On Your Head?
     Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?
     Why Do Wolves Howl?
(Grades 6-8)
     A Brief History of Hygiene
     A Day in the Park
     Baseball Cards
     Benjamin Bloom
     Best Friends Animal Society
     Beware of the Coastal Invaders!
     Bird Flu
     Candle Making
     Caroline B. Cooney
     Children in the White House
     Children in the White House
     Children in the White House
     Circulatory System
     Courage - Ain't I a Woman?
     Earth's Ice Ages
     Endangered Animals!
     Everglades National Park
     Father's Day
     Flag out of Time
     Hawaiian Monk Seals
     Hayley Wickenheiser: Commander of the Ice
     How Do Airbags Work?
     How Do Electric Eels Produce Electricity?
     How Do Fish Swim in Schools?
     How Do Frogs Croak?
     How Do Guide Dogs Do Their Job?
     How Do Hydroelectric Dams Work?
     How Do Spray Cans Work?
     How Does a Radar Gun Work?
     How Does a Sewing Machine Work?
     How Does Your Boat Float?
     Ice Age Mammals: The Woolly Rhino
     Inaugural Address
     Inaugural Balls
     Indian Territory Becomes the State of Oklahoma
     Jack Hays, Texas Ranger
     Jake and Jackie Learn about Etiquette, Part 2
     Javed in Pakistan: A Problem with Illiteracy
     Javed's Schooling in Pakistan
     Jawahir Suffers in Somalia
     Jerome Bruner
     Jon Bohmer: The Kyoto Box
     Kidnapping in Colombia
     Leap Year 2008
     Life with a Wallaby
     Llama Love
     Mesa Verde National Park
     Mexico's Rainforest
     Mount Rainier National Park
     Mount Rushmore
     Mucus, Boogers, and Snot - How GROSS!
     Mystery of the Missing Gold, Part Three
     Mystery of the Missing Gold, Part Two
     Niagara Falls
     Noah McCullough, Author
     Permanent Human Colony
     Persuade Me!
     Plant Cells: Cells With Walls
     Recreation Therapists
     Red Blood Cells
     Reform in Armenia: Mikhail's Story
     Romania: The Story of Irgiz and the Abandoned Children
     Sacred River, Dirty River
     Sea Fireflies
     Sir Francis Bacon
     Six Flags Over Texas
     Skeletal System - Healthy Bones
     Suffering in Somalia: Jawahir's Story
     Tanith Belbin's Story: May I Have this Ice Dance?
     The Art of Face Painting
     The Civil War and Inflation
     The Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden
     The Endangered Species Act
     The Galapagos Islands
     The History of Red Ribbon Week
     The iPhone Arrives
     The Kiwi
     The Kyoto Treaty
     The Loss of the Honeybees
     The Mystery of the Hidden Photograph, Part Two
     The Mystery of the Newspaper Bandit
     The North Wind and the Sun
     The Wolf
     Three R's to Help the Earth
     Track and Field Beijing Olympics 2008
     Trail of Tears, Part 2
     Warrior's Heart, Part 1 - Ira Hayes
     What Causes Weather?
     What Is a Foreclosure?
     What Is Pi?
     What Stinks? Halitosis or Bad Breath
     What Substances Are In Tobacco Smoke?
     What's Under the Ocean Waves?
     Where Have the Bats Gone?
     Where Have the Honeybees Gone?
     Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge? The Emily W. Roebling Story
(Grades 9-12)
     "Silent Night"- A Christmas Carol
     Earth's Oldest Animals?
     Iroquois - The Six Nations
     The Loss of Domestic Animals: A World Problem
     The Marva Collins Story: "A Brilliant Child Inside Every Student"
     The Romans in Britain: Hadrian's Wall

(Grades 3-5)
     Acting Like Angels
     Dinosaur Expedition
     Grapefruit Bowling

(Grades 3-5)
     Andrew Johnson - 17th President
     Cote d'Ivoire - Geography
     Falkland Islands - Geography
     Fiji - Geography
     Georgia - Geography
     Lebanon - Geography
     Malaysia - Traditions and Daily life
     Poland - Geography
     The Eruption of Mount St. Helens
     Tournament of Roses Parade
     Ukraine - Geography
(Grades 6-8)
     Ecuador - Culture
     France - History
     Nepal - Culture
     The Sioux
     Ukraine - History
     Vietnam - Culture
(Grades 9-12)
     Paraguay - History
     Puerto Rico - History

Finish the Story
     Hockey Practice (Grade 2-3)
     100 Days and Counting (Grade 3)
     A Special Halloween (Grade 3)
     Disappearing Apples (Grade 3)
     A Letter from the Klondike (Grade 3-4)
     The Werewolf Disorder (Grade 3-5)
     The Invisible Girl (Grade 3-6)
     A Lucky Find (Grade 3-6)
     My Friend Chris (Grade 4-5)
     A Smokeless World (Grade 4-6)
     Whose Side Are You On? (Grade 4-6)
     A New Holiday to Celebrate (Grade 4-6)
     The Great American Smokeout (Grade 6-8)

What Would You Do?
     Wildberries: Made for Munching or Make You Sick? (Grade 2-4)
     Good Touch? Bad Touch? (Grade 3-6)
     A Labor Day Dispute (Grade 3-6)
     Is St. Patrick's Day Lucky For You? (Grade 3-6)
     Stop that Cell Phone! (Grade 3-6)
     Thank You, I Really (Don't) Love It! (Grade 3-6)
     A Note-able Change (Grade 4-6)
     Will You Watch My Puppy? (Grade 4-6)
     Friends Wanted: Please Apply (Grade 4-8)
     Stereotype or Prejudice? (Grade 5-8)
     It's Against the Law (Grade 6-8)
     No Time for Homework (Grade 6-8)

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     The Runaway Gingerbread People (Grades 1-3)
     Tactful Tori (Grades 3-5)
     Not Just about Us (Grades 4-5)
     Making Good Choices (Grades 4-7)

Reluctant Reader Books
     Doggie Lingo (Grade 2-6)
     Chang's Chinese New Year (Grade 3-4)
     Oops! More Wild and Wacky Sports Injuries (Grade 3-4)
     P.U. Plants (Grade 3-4)
     History of Hip Hop (Grade 3-5)
     Marculus Has Pet Problems (Grade 3-6)
     Bright Lights in the Deep, Dark Sea (Grade 4-5)
     It's All in the Numbers: Wild and Wacky Number Truths (Grade 4-5)
     Play Hard, Stay Safe (Grade 4-5)
     Robert Ballard and the Search for the Titanic (Grade 4-5)
     The Myth of the Man-eating Monster (Grade 4-5)
     C Is For Christmas (Grade 4-6)
     Hall of Records at Mount Rushmore (Grade 4-6)
     Let's Go Fly a Kite! (Grade 4-6)
     M Is for Map (Grade 4-6)
     Rent-a-Genie, Book One (Grade 4-6)
     Rocky Mountain National Park Adventure (Grade 4-6)
     Roller Coasters (Grade 4-6)
     B Is for Baseball (Grade 5-6)
     Derek Jeter (Grade 5-6)
     Jennifer Hudson (Grade 5-6)
     Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King! (Grade 5-6)
     Classical Music 1750-1820 (Grade 5-7)
     Level Up: The Making of a Video Game (Grade 5-7)
     Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize (Grade 5-8)
     Endangered Animals (Grade 5-8)
     Pirates: Fact or Fiction? (Grade 5-8)
     Totem Poles (Grade 5-8)

Critical Thinking
             Critical Thinking

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