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Bulletin Board Theme Shape Projects

There are many things that can be done with these simple theme shapes. They can be used to decorate bulletin boards, doors, and lockers. You can also use them for many different creative writing or art activities.

Coloring the shapes
Shapes can be printed or photocopied onto plain or colored paper. If printed on white paper, students can color them with water-based paints, crayons, markers or colored pencils. The leaf patterns are ideal for a water color activity. It will be easier to decorate the shapes before cutting them out.

About Me
Shapes can be decorated with the student's name and pictures, and hung on a bulletin board or their lockers.

Word Wall
Beginning words can be written on the shapes, and then posted.

Creative Writing/Drawing
The shapes can be the center of any number of projects, including drawing a favorite animal, a more complex 'About Me' project, or other writing projects. Words or pictures can be organized inside and around the shape.

Glue Crafts
Fill the shape with any of a variety of materials. Glue crumpled bits of tissue paper, beads, beans, packing peanuts, cotton balls or squares of construction paper inside the shape.

Board Ideas
Fall into Learning (Leaves)
A Great Bunch (circles colored and positioned like grapes)
A Cool School (fish)
Our Stars (as starfish, use the star pattern)
Helping Hands (hands)
Count on Us (hands)
We're Dino - Might (dinos)
Out of This World, Super Stars, Reach for the Stars
(circles as planets, saturn, rocket ship, stars)
High Flyers (plane)

Message Turkey:
In November, I usually meet with each parent for the required yearly conference. During that conference, I have each parent write on a "feather" a special message for their child. Once these are completed, I put up a bulletin board with a turkey in the center. The feathers are surrounding him, and the students are surprised to read the special note and how it appeared. Contributed by Molly T

Ideas Wanted
Do you have some new creative idea? Have you used our materials to decorate you room, and you'd like to share a photo? Request a graphic or form for the classroom helpers section.