Sample Vocabulary Lesson 1 Worksheet
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Word List


  fun   (fn) noun,adjective    Something that gives you amusement, pleasure, or enjoyment.

  given   (gvn) adjective,noun,verb    To have already let somebody have something.

  has   (hz) verb    A form of the present tense of have that is used with he, she, it, and the name of a person, place, or thing.

  sat   (st) noun    To have already rested your body down. Your body was supported by your bottom rather than your feet.

  the   (th)     This is called a definite article. It can be used to say that there is only one of something, such as ___ Nile River.

  this   (ths) pronoun    The person, thing, or matter mentioned, understood, or at hand.

  want   (wnt) noun,verb   
1.  When you would like or wish to have something.
2.  To need or require something.

  when   (wn) adverb    Used to ask about the time of something.

  white   (wt) noun,verb,adjective    The color of snow.

  your   (yr) pronoun    Belonging to the person being spoken to. The possessive form of the personal pronoun you.