Sample Vocabulary Lesson 1 Worksheet
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Word List


  again   (uhgEHn) adverb    Once more; one more time; another time.

  believe   (bihleev) verb    To feel or believe that something is true or real.

  dinner   (dihnur) noun    The main meal of the day that is usually eaten in the evening.

  drink   (drihNGk) noun,verb    To take liquid into your mouth and swallow it.

  open   (ohpuhn) noun,verb,adjective   
1.  Not closed or shut, so that people or things can go in and out.
2.  Plenty of space that is clear of trees or structures.
3.  The time during which a store is available for you to come and shop.

  shy   (shii) noun,verb,adjective   
1.  Someone who is not comfortable around people he or she does not know.
2.  To be easily embarrassed.

  slow   (sloh) verb,adjective,adverb   
1.  Someone or something that does not move very quickly.
2.  A clock whose time is behind the correct time.
3.  To reduce the speed of something.

  stand    noun,verb    To be in an upright position on your feet.

  stood   (stud) verb    The past tense and past participle of stand.

  toad   (tohd) noun    An amphibian similar to a frog that have rough dry skin and lives primarily on land.