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Math Stories - Lesson 1
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1.  If you open Alyssa's bedroom door, you will see a mess. She has seven stuffed animals, three bouncy balls, five dolls, and ten toy cars. How many toys does she have?

2.  Michael bought a new wheel for his bike. The wheel cost $11. He had $19 before buying the wheel. How much money does Michael have left after buying the wheel?

2.  Samantha stood on a sidewalk watching cars drive by. She counted twenty-two red cars, thirty-four blue cars, twenty-five gray cars, and six white cars. How many cars did she see in all?

3.  Destiny had fourteen birds, but when she opened the window five of them flew away. How many birds are left?

4.  Brandon made a mess again. On his floor are thirty-one toy soldiers, five G.I. Joe's, ten cars, and four trucks. How many toys are on his floor in all?

5.  Thomas had to slow down to catch his breath. He had run four blocks east, six blocks west, and two blocks south. How many blocks did he run in all?


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Math Stories - Lesson 1
(Answer ID 0830895)