Sample Vocabulary Lesson 1 Worksheet
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Word List


  bid   (bd) noun,verb   
1.  To make an offer of money to buy something.
2.  To give a command or to order someone to do something.
Rhymes:  did, hid, kid, lid, skid, squid, amid, forbid
Synonyms:  offer, enjoin, tell, command, proposal, warn, charge, order, propose, invite, instruct, direct, ask
Antonyms:  forbid, deter

  coffee   (kf) noun    A popular bitter drink that has a lot of caffeine and adults like to drink in the morning.

  duty   (dt) noun    Work that you are obliged to perform for moral or legal reasons.  
Synonyms:  task, office, responsibility, commitment, role, right, job, obligation, assignment
Antonyms:  freedom, exemption, immunity, license

  lock   (lk) noun,verb   
1.  A fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed.  
2.  To fasten something with a key.  
Rhymes:  block, caulk, chalk, clock, dock, mock, rock, shock, sock, stock, interlock
Synonyms:  hook, clasp, latch, padlock, catch, bolt
Antonyms:  free, release, disconnect

  rush   (rsh) noun,verb,adjective    To do something or to go somewhere at a quick rate; to hurry.
Rhymes:  blush, brush, crush, flush, lush
Synonyms:  bustle, dash, race, hasten, run, hustle, charge, hurry, fleet, plunge, fly

  saddle   (sdl) noun,verb   
1.  A seat for the rider of a horse.  
2.  A seat for the rider of a bicycle or motorcycle.  
Rhyme:  paddle
Synonyms:  weigh down, perch, seat, load, burden, pad
Antonyms:  free, relieve

  sandwich   (sndwch) noun,verb   
1.  Two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them.  
2.  Insert or squeeze tightly between two people or objects.  

  slipper   (slpr) noun    Soft footwear that is worn indoors.  
Rhymes:  skipper, zipper

  slippery   (slpr) adjective    Something that is very difficult to hold or to stand on without sliding and falling.
Synonyms:  slick, shifty, slipper, unstable
Antonyms:  coarse, dry, rough

  tax   (tks) noun,verb   
1.  Money that people and businesses must pay for the support of government.  
2.  To make heavy demands on or to use to the limit.  
Rhymes:  ax, facts, fax, lax, wax
Synonyms:  saddle, arraign, tariff, burden, impeach, duty, charge, levy, assessment