Sample Vocabulary Lesson 1 Worksheet
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Word List


  benefit   (bEHnuhfiht) noun,verb   
1.  Financial assistance in time of need.  
2.  Something that aids or promotes well-being.  
Synonyms:  benediction, interest, prosperity, advantage, welfare
Antonyms:  disadvantage, loss, detriment, damage, low, ill, evil

  calculate   (kalkyuhlayt) verb   
1.  Solve a problem by using math.  
2.  Judge to be probable.  
3.  Keep an account of.  
4.  Predict in advance.  
Synonyms:  determine, figure, compute
Antonyms:  guess, conjecture, hit

  capital   (kapuhtuhl) noun,adjective   
1.  Wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value.  
2.  Punishable by death.   "a capital offense"
3.  A seat of government.  
4.  Of primary important.   "our capital concern was to avoid defeat"
5.  One of the large alphabetic characters used as the first letter in proper names and sometimes for emphasis; (printers once kept type for capitals and small letters in separate cases; capitals were kept in the upper half of the type case and so became known as upper-case letters).  
Synonyms:  rank, major, excellent, gross, funds, assents, flagrant, money, cash, savings
Antonyms:  inferior, poor, unimportant, subordinate

  chord   (kawrd) noun,verb   
1.  A straight line connecting two points on a curve.  
2.  A combination of musical notes played at the same time.  

  dispute   (dihspyoot) noun,verb   
1.  A disagreement or argument about something important.   "he had a dispute with his wife"
2.  Take exception to.  
3.  Coming into conflict with.  
Synonyms:  argue, clash, wrangle, squabble, agitate, kick, quarrel, quibble
Antonyms:  concede, acknowledge, forgo, confirm, allow, waive

  embrace   (EHmbrays) noun,verb   
1.  Include in scope; include as part of something broader; have as one's sphere or territory.  
2.  Hug, usually with fondness.   "They embraced"
3.  Take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own.  
Synonyms:  clasp, squeeze, accept, hug, cuddle, encompass, contain
Antonyms:  exclude, reject, scorn, spurn, except, omit

  exceed   (ihkseed) verb   
1.  Go beyond.   "Their loyalty exceeds their national bonds"
2.  Be or do something to a greater degree.   "This exceeds all my expectations"
Synonyms:  overrun, pass, excel, surpass, beat, transcend, outdo, better, best, top

  feud   (fyood) noun,verb    A bitter quarrel between two parties.  
Synonyms:  quarrel, disagreement, dispute, altercation, conflict, fight, bickering, vendetta
Antonyms:  peace, harmony, agree, cooperate

  hail   (hayl) noun,verb   
1.  Precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents.  
2.  Greet enthusiastically or joyfully.  
Synonyms:  signal, greet, call, flag

  trio   (treeoh) noun    A set of three similar things considered as a unit.