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Math Stories - Lesson 1
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1.   Amber watched two cars collide on the freeway at 11:47 a.m. It was a serious accident. The violence of the collision horrified her. She didn't think there were any survivors. The freeway was blocked and all cars had to stop and wait. It took the rescue units thirteen minutes to arrive at the scene and two minutes to remove the passengers from the cars. After the passengers were sent to the hospital, it took 1 hour and 10 minutes for the wrecked cars to be moved from the highway. At what time did the freeway reopen?

2.   The five treasure hunters dived to the sunken ship to make an inspection. Now they were ready to remove the hatch and cabinet, which contained the safe. They hoped they would all become rich before the day was over. The bolts holding the hatch were rusty and difficult to move, but eventually they had the cabinet. As they carried it back to the surface, each one imagined what he would do with the money. When they opened the safe, they found it contained $3.8 million in gold bullion. If it were divided equally, how much would each man get?

3.   Brian got a job at the baseball park. His responsibility was to retrieve balls hit during batting practice. On the first day, he picked up one hundred one baseballs. On the second day he brought back one hundred twenty-seven balls. On the third day he was able to retrieve one hundred eight balls. He reached a record on the fourth day by retrieving one hundred eighty-five balls. Each baseball costs the team $6.53. Brian worked twenty-two hours that week and makes $8.00 per hour. How much did he save the team by retrieving the baseballs?

4.   James needed some new trousers for school. He and his father went shopping together. James' father didn't appreciate James' preference for baggy jeans. James was upset for not being able to get the trousers he wanted. Out of frustration, James walked to the rack and took the first few pairs of pants that fit him. His father paid $156.56 for the pants and they went home. If one pair of trousers was $39.14, how many pairs did James' father buy?

5.   Salvatore was a shepherd. He was responsible for sixty sheep. He was a steady worker and very efficient. Each morning he took the sheep to graze in a pasture high on a mountain. While the sheep grazed he played his banjo. In the evening he took them back to the sheepfold. One day a wolf attacked the sheep and killed one-sixth of them. The next day the wolf came back and killed one-tenth of the remaining sheep. How many sheep were left in Salvatore's flock?

6.   A pilot was getting ready for his next assignment and he wanted to do a thorough check on his plane before the scheduled take-off time. It was snowing outside. He looked at the barometer and the read was negative thirteen degrees Fahrenheit. The bitter cold and gusty wind made him appreciate the relative warmth of the five degrees Fahrenheit weather the day before. How many degrees higher was the temperature the day before?


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