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Who is this woman?   

A native of Athens, Ohio, ____ was born on October 5, 1959. Her parents were originally from Beijing and Shanghai, China but moved to Ohio in 1949. Her heritage as a Chinese-American has had a great influence on her choice of career. ____ grew up surrounded by her mother's literature and her father's art. Both parents were professors at Ohio University.

The combination of cultures, art and literature resulted in her designing one of the most memorable monuments in Washington, DC: The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.

____ attended Yale University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture in 1981 and a Master of Architecture degree in 1986. It was during her student years at Yale that she entered a national competition design for the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.

Her entry was chosen from among 1,400 others. ____ was only 21 years old when her design won. For two years she oversaw the construction of the memorial. It was dedicated in 1982 and has become one of the most widely revered and appreciated public memorials in the United States.

One quote sums up her philosophy of design: "I work with the landscape, and I hope that the object and the land are equal partners." ____ is married and has two young children. She and her family live in New York City.

Her father's name is Henry Huan ____ and her mother's name is Julia Chang ____.

She personally oversaw the construction of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial that was dedicated in 1982.

Her designs show a great concern for the environment.

Her hometown is Athens, Ohio.

Who is this woman?
     Golda Meir
     Elizabeth Blackwell
     Catherine the Great
     Maya Lin
     Mary Mcleod Bethune
     Nancy Ward

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