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Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Build a Word Search (PDF File)

Make Word Search Puzzles
Word Search Puzzle Maker

Daily Puzzle Maker
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Quick Prints
    Quick handouts with few options

Enter your own words, get word suggestions, and build over 50 printables

Make Word Find and
Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles
with Clues

      edHelperKu Puzzles

      Hidden Squares Puzzle

Make Sudoku Puzzles

Easier Logic Puzzles (with grids and graphics)

Critical Thinking Logic Puzzles

      >Greater> <Less< Than Puzzle

      Equation Unknowns

      Vocabulary Board Game

      Following Directions:
Coloring and Fill-ins

      Letter Word Ladders

      CodeWord Puzzle

Make Crossword Puzzles

Curvy Words

Collect the Circles

Make Kakuro Puzzles

Equation Directions

Logic Shapes

Make Masyu Puzzles
Complete the Line

Make Hidato Puzzles
Complete the Maze

Daily Critical Thinking Skills - Get Mixed Puzzles at Once!


Mixed Critical Thinking Skills


Runaway Math Puzzles
      Runaway Math Puzzles   

Word Walls

Make a Word Wall

Number Sequences
Math Sequences

Addition Grouping

          Addition Grouping Puzzle Handout

Find the Patterns and Color Puzzle
   Find and Color in Patterns

4 different keys

   More Visual Perceptual Skills

More Puzzles
     Number Word Searches
     Missing Digits
     Math Words
     Critical Thinking Puzzles
     Word Building
     Math Crossnumber
     Math Box
     Math Sequences

Secret Codes
Make a Secret Codes Printable

Quick Prints
   Spelling Sudoku

   Word Search Quick Print

   Word Shapes Quick Print

   Misspellings Quick Print

   Word Building Quick Print

   Spelling Machine Quick Print

Quick Handouts with Pictures
(only words in which edHelper has a picture will be included in the handout)

   Circle Letters Quick Print

   Cut and Paste Picture Quick Print

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This is a basic word search generator for non-subscribers. It only creates a word search in HTML and there are few options in this non-subscriber version.
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