The Mystery of the Missing Coin

The Mystery of the Missing Coin
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     challenging words:    pages, cases, shocked, easily, hopefully, interesting, collection, downstairs, missing, copper, holding, bunch, search, order, history, case

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The Mystery of the Missing Coin
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Daniel ran his hands over the two cardboard boxes. Then he slid his hands under them. The top one lifted easily, but the second one was much heavier than it looked.
2     "What is it?" he asked.
3     "Your grandfather left you part of his coin collection in his will," said Dad.
4     "Which part?" asked Daniel with more interest.
5     "You have the pennies," said Dad.
6     "Pennies!" scoffed Daniel. "Those wouldn't be worth much," he complained.
7     "I'm not so sure about that," said Dad. "In 1999, a 1943 copper penny was auctioned for $112,500.00."
8     "Wow!" gasped Daniel. "That's a lot of pennies! Dollars too! I could buy a brand new car with that kind of money! Do you think I have any worth that much in my collection?"
9     "I don't know," said Dad. "That's for you to find out. Your grandfather used to tell me that the most interesting thing about collecting coins was not their value, but how they reflected history. That means you will have to study if you want to know."
10     Daniel opened the smaller box. Inside was a book. He lifted it out and flipped carelessly through some of the pages.

Paragraphs 11 to 28:
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