Reading Comprehensions
Special Education

High Interest
Low Readability

General Hi/Lo Reading Comprehensions
     A Dream Car (hi/lo)
     Extra, Extra (hi/lo)
     Jesse's Winter Lesson (hi/lo)
     The High Cost of Transportation (hi/lo)
     Call to Duty (hi/lo)
     What Ever Happened to Amelia Earhart? (hi/lo)
     Statue of Liberty (hi/lo)
     The New Foal (hi/lo)
     A Week at Wilderness Camp (hi/lo)
     Driven To Dream (hi/lo)
     Baseball Hall of Fame (hi/lo)
     Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (hi/lo)
     Inventors Hall of Fame (hi/lo)
     Richard Petty, The King of Nascar (hi/lo)
     The Houseboat (hi/lo)
     The Limo (hi/lo)
     Up, Up and Away! (hi/lo)
     Golden Dreams - the story of Paul Hamm, American Olympian (hi/lo)
     The Choice (part 1) (hi/lo)
     The Choice (part 2) (hi/lo)
     Things Could Always Be Worse (hi/lo)
     How to Handle Your Teacher (hi/lo)
     The Mystery of the Missing Coin (hi/lo)
     A Hard Choice (hi/lo)
     Beginning the Job Hunt (hi/lo)
     How to Survive a Job Interview (hi/lo)
     The New West (hi/lo)
     Thanksgiving for the Dogs (hi/lo)
     It's a Snap (hi/lo)
     Magic Bells (Part 1) (hi/lo)
     Magic Bells (Part 2) (hi/lo)
     Teens can Dress for Success (hi/lo)
     Is Trivia Useless? (hi/lo)
     The Secret Gift (hi/lo)
     May I Have Your Attention, Please? (hi/lo)
     Body Piercing (hi/lo)
     Why the Ostrich Hides its Head (hi/lo)
     Bizarre Body Modification (hi/lo)
     Cyberbully (hi/lo)
     Dragon Trouble (part 1) (hi/lo)
     Dragon Trouble (part 2) (hi/lo)
     Dragon Trouble (part 3) (hi/lo)
     Visible Pain (hi/lo)
     Pirate Girl (part 1 of 3) (hi/lo)
     Pirate Girl (part 2 of 3) (hi/lo)
     Pirate Girl (part 3 of 3) (hi/lo)
     Learning Lines (hi/lo)
     Lather Up (hi/lo)
     River Bank Mystery (Part 1/3) (hi/lo)
     River Bank Mystery (Part 2/3) (hi/lo)
     River Bank Mystery (Part 3/3) (hi/lo)
     What to Do When You've Blown It (nonfiction) (hi/lo)
     The 2,500 Year Old Beauty Kit (hi/lo)
     How to Be an Alpha Dog (hi/lo)
     The Assistant (hi/lo)
     Blind Shots (hi/lo)
     Pet Rocks, Toe Socks, and Mood Rings (nonfiction) (hi/lo)
     Odor Be Gone (hi/lo)
     My First Trip Down River (hi/lo)
     It's the Pits! (hi/lo)
     Bob's Big Ride (hi/lo)
     Prize-winning Peanut Brittle (hi/lo)
     Jason Earns His Wings (hi/lo)

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