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Richard Petty, The King of Nascar
By Kathleen Redman

1     "Gentlemen, start your engines!"
2     For 32 years Richard Petty revved his engine in his quest for heart-pounding speeds and another NASCAR victory. He began racing on dirt tracks and ran his first race in 1958. He came in 17th and won $115.00. He ended his career in 1992 after winning 200 races. He had won $7,775,409.00 in his career.
3     Richard was born in Level Cross, North Carolina, on July 2, 1935. His father Lee was a racecar driver. When he was old enough, he was put on his father's pit crew. His job was to clean the windshield. Once his father came in for a pit stop. Richard leaned over the hood to clean the windshield. The rest of the crew finished their work. Richard was still working. Lee Petty's car left the stall with Richard still on the hood. Richard hung on through a full speed green lap. Lee had to make another stop so Richard could get off!

Paragraphs 4 to 6:
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