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Driven To Dream
By Larry and Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Craig gently pressed the gas pedal of his 1968 Camaro. The purr of the engine always brought a smile to his face. It was probably a little sweeter since it was his first car. His dream had come true when his dad helped him find and buy the blue beauty. She maybe didn't look like a beauty now, but Craig knew she would someday. Craig and his dad had spent every minute they could restoring the car.
2     The 327 cubic-inch, 210 horsepower engine was in great shape, but the body of the sports car was in need of help. Craig and his dad had already started fixing the sheet metal around the rear wheel wells. One front fender was in good shape, but one needed to be replaced.
3     Craig looked up just in time to see his dad pull in the driveway behind him. He jumped from the car and ran to meet him. "Oh, that's great; you got it," Craig said.
4     "Yes, the new fender came in today. I stopped by the shop on the way home to pick it up," Dad said with a smile.
5     "Can we put it on tonight?" Craig asked.

Paragraphs 6 to 12:
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