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The New Foal
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Ellie finished her homework as quickly as she could. She could hardly keep her attention on the work she needed to do. Her only thoughts were getting back to the barn to see her favorite horse, Jenny.
2     "Mom," she called. "I finished my homework. Can we go now?"
3     "Sure, now's fine," Mom answered, coming into the room to grab the keys to the van.
4     "I can't wait to see Jenny," exclaimed Ellie as they headed to the family van. "Her baby is due any day. I hope she's okay."
5     "I'm sure she's fine. We would have heard from Mr. Reed if there were any problems," said her mom, trying to calm her.
6     "I know. I just worry about her," Ellie replied.
7     "Let's go. You'll feel better when you see her."
8     The drive to the horse farm seemed endless. Riding along on the bumpy country road, Ellie grew restless.
9     "How much longer?" she asked.
10     "It's just down the road, honey. We've done this route so many times, you should know it by heart," her mom replied.
11     "I just want to get there," said Ellie, the concern showing in her voice.
12     The van turned a corner, and the farm came into view. "There it is!" Ellie cried.
13     Her mom just smiled at the teenager and drove down the long, dirt lane to the farm.

Paragraphs 14 to 54:
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