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A Week at Wilderness Camp
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     "I can't believe my parents are sending me on this trip," complained Amanda. "I am not the outdoor type."
2     "It shouldn't be that bad, and it's only for a week," replied her friend, Lauren. "Besides, I've been camping with my parents. It's really a lot of fun."
3     "Yeah, but we'll be camping in a tent in the middle of the woods with just a flashlight and the clothes on our backs. Camping in an RV is a lot more like home. What about my CD player, hairdryer, and curling iron? I don't know if I can live without those for a whole week. Oh, I wish I could stay home." Amanda sat down on her front porch and put her head in her hands.
4     "Well, we'll just have to make the best of it. At least we get to go together," said Lauren.
5     "It will probably be the only bright spot in the week," Amanda added, shaking her head at the thought of the trip.
6     "I'm going home to pack. See you bright and early tomorrow morning," Lauren replied, and she turned to go home.
7     "Okay," Amanda sulked and went into her house.
8     Up in her room, Amanda began packing for the week long trip. The list included the basics: clothes and toiletries, a backpack, a sleeping bag and pillow, a flashlight, and pocket knife. There would be no electricity; so many modern conveniences had to be left behind.
9     As she finished putting the items in her bag, her mom came into her room, "How's it going?"
10     "Okay, I guess," said Amanda. "Why do I have to go on this trip, Mom? I really don't want to go."
11     "Your dad and I think it will be good for you. The camp seems very exciting. Plus, we knew Lauren was going, and we thought you would enjoy a week with your best friend," Mom explained.
12     "Lauren likes that kind of stuff. Being outdoors for a week doesn't excite me," Amanda replied.

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