Dragon Trouble (part 3)

Dragon Trouble (part 3)
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 5
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.68

     challenging words:    a-Warbret, cajole, firmer, greeting, H-How, small-bladed, terrace, warbled, mischief, running, heavily, dragon, settled, backed, jerked, agreement
     content words:    Tom Baker

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Dragon Trouble (part 3)
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     The men wanted to see the dragon, so Mara was sent to fetch him.
2     Warbret waited for Mara behind the house.
3     "What are you doing here?" she asked as she rubbed his armored nose with the palm of her hand.
4     Warbret warbled in his throat to her, and she understood his concern about the crowd.
5     "I'm sure that crowd had you worried. They had me worried, too," said Mara. "I think the worst is past now, and they want to meet you. Well, most of them do, but one doesn't. I think he might be afraid of you. Try not to scare them. You dragons need all the help you can get right now."
6     Warbret pushed her with his nose, and Mara took that as agreement. Together they walked around the side of the cottage with her hand resting on his neck.
7     Silence hung heavily, like a wet curtain, over the crowd. Some of the men stepped back involuntarily as the two approached. As soon as Warbret was close enough, Montrose stepped forward.
8     "Hello, Warbret. Thank you for coming. These men wanted to meet you."
9     Warbret warbled a greeting in his throat.
10     Tom Baker swallowed hard and stepped forward.

Paragraphs 11 to 26:
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