World War I

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     challenging words:    battleground, alliance, aircraft, literature, history, military, treaty, design, traveled, govern, thoughts, power, flight, preparation, slogan, freedom
     content words:    United States, Revolutionary War, French Revolution, World War, Triple Entente, Great Britain, Western Front

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By Sharon Fabian

1     The history of the United States and France goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War in which France came to the support of the United States. Military support and advice from France helped this new country to win its independence.
2     France and the United States have a lot in common. In fact, both countries fought a war for independence around the same time in history. The French Revolution was fought for the rights of the common citizens to govern themselves. Their slogan was "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." This was something American citizens could understand well, since they had also fought a war for the freedom to govern their own country.
3     America had other ties with France too. American citizens often traveled to France to study art, music, literature, and even good manners. French creations from fashions to recipes were copied here in the United States.
4     In more recent times, France and the United States have been allies in the two world wars.

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