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The Animals' Purpose (A Creek Legend)

The Animals' Purpose (A Creek Legend)
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     challenging words:    greedy, purpose, anymore, missing, necklace, time, weak, weave, figure, lesson, able, prove, change, world, also, beautiful
     content words:    Great Spirit

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The Animals' Purpose (A Creek Legend)
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     At the beginning of time, the Great Spirit made the world. He made rivers and lakes. He made mountains, valleys, and plains. He even made great oceans.
2     He covered the land with grass, flowers, and trees. He made the wind to sing across the ground. It made the plants weave and dance as it passed.
3     The Great Spirit loved his new world. He loved to look at the beautiful things he had made.
4     After a while, something seemed to be missing. The Great Spirit looked at his world to figure it out. Then he saw the problem. There was nothing to enjoy the world he had made.
5     He made fish for the water. He made animals for the land. He made birds for the air. Some were big, and some were small. They had many shapes and colors.
6     The Great Spirit was happy with what he had made. The fish, animals, and birds were happy. After a while, he went down to talk to them.
7     First, he spoke to the fish. Then he spoke to the animals and birds. They all had the same problem. They were sad. They had no purpose in life. They wanted something to take care of.
8     The Great Spirit thought about the problem. Then he came up with an answer. He would make another creature. It would be weak and small. The creatures would have to look after it and teach it.

Paragraphs 9 to 17:
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