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Second Grade
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Second Grade Reading Skills
2nd Grade Reading Lessons

Weekly Second Grade Reading Books

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Reluctant Reader Books

          Reluctant Reader Books

Second Grade Very Quick Readers
     A Bubble Net and a Buffet (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Croc's Nose Knows (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Day of the Week or a Treat? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Fever For a Friend? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Friendly Wave (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Growing Pink Balloon! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Half-and-Half Creature (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Horn of Plenty (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A House on His Back (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Little Camping Mystery (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Little Stick (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Long, Orange Finger (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Musical Pet (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Natural Decoration (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Pile of Edible String (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Shepherd's Snack (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Snack that Goes Pop! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Tool for Seeing (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Tree on Your Plate (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Yellow Eye on Your Plate! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Artificial Christmas Trees (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Bats! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Bones (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Broody and Moody (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Can a Snapping Turtle Snap? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Chew and Chomp: Energy from the Food Chain (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Christmas Stockings (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo! All About Trains (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Climate (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Coal (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Cockroaches (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Cold, Cold Winter (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Construction Workers (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Coordination - Practice Helps Your Coordination (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Cumulonimbus Clouds (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Curling (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Curly Cirrus Clouds (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Cuspid (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Do Stars Really Fall? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Does a Plant Have a Sweet Tooth? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Dr. Seuss - A Man with an Imagination (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Earth's Next Door Neighbor (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Fran the Fish Sees a Pink Surprise (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Freestyle Skiing (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Freestyle Skiing - Aerials (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Freestyle Skiing - Moguls (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Freestyle Skiing - Ski Cross (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Frisbees! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     From Small Seed to Huge Oak (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     From a Plant to a Pumpkin (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Geologist (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Getting From Here to There (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Groundhog Day! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Hailstones (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Have a Blast! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Heaps of Puffy Clouds (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Hieroglyphics (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Hippity, Hoppity, Hide and Go Seek (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Hooray for Helen Keller! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Hot or Cold? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     How Does a Walrus Stay Warm? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     How Time Flies! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Hungry, Hungry, Hippos (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     I Can Help the Earth (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     I Know a Kid... (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Incisor (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Iron (Grade 2-5 Readability)
     Is It English or Western? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Is a Solid as Solid as a Rock? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Long Ago in Ancient Egypt (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Long Water? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Look, but Don't Touch! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Maize (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Meet Apatosaurus (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Velociraptor (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Meeting and Greeting a Four-Legged Friend (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Milton the Leprechaun Goes Back to Work (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Molar (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Nature - Enjoy It, Care for It (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     New Year's Eve (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Newts and Salamanders (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     One Hundred Days of School (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Open Wide! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Owls (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Pardon Me! A Thanksgiving Tradition (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Pelicans (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Persuasion - Feeling the Urge to Change (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Police Officers Protect Us (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Pop! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Premolar (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Prickly Daddy! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Ready, Set, Eat! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Reptiles (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Rosa Parks's Childhood (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Seeds of All Sizes (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Sharing - Should You Share Everything? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Slap Me Some Fin! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Soil (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Solar Energy (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Springtime - Outdoors Here We Come! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Thankfulness (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Broken Pastry (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Disappearing Puddle (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Five Senses (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Fruit with a Jacket (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Great Wall of China (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Men on the Moon (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The MyPlate Mission: Pile on the Protein (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Night the Sky Cracked (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Polar Bear (Grade 2-5 Readability)
     The Statue of Liberty (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Stick Bug (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     The Strange Plate of Cheese (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Sun and the Seasons (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Trouble With Teasing (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Wheels on the Bus Need a Driver! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Zebra (Grade 2-5 Readability)
     There's a Cow on the Corner! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Trees (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Triceratops, Three-Horned Face (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Trust - Are You Trustworthy? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Two Shining Eyes (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Up, Up, and Away! (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Valentines from the Heart (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Vegetables in a Pouch (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Wally Finds Something Yummy (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Weather (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What Is Braille? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What Is Making Joey Itch? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     What's That On Your Head? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What's a Blizzard? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What's on Your Plate? (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     What's the Weather? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Why Do We Have Laws? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Wild Turkeys (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Wind Energy (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Winter (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     You Can Beat Bullying! (Grade 2-3 Readability)

Second Grade Short Readers
     "Brave Enough to Make Waves": The Stories of Shana Corey (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Backyard Food Chain (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Cool Website (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     A Day as a Flower (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     A Hen's Homework (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A Honey of a Bee! (Grade 2-5 Readability)
     A Pilgrim Child's Life (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     A Slimy Visitor (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     A White Christmas (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     ABCs and ZZZs (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Alexander McCall Smith (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     An Unusual Plant (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Animals on the Arctic Tundra (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Ant and His Fellow Arthropods: Life in the Soil (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Ants (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Apples, the Perfect Snack (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Attitude - Your Tone Says It All (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Backyard Beach (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Behavior - It Is a Choice! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Being Angry (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Being Scared (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Best Friends Come in Assorted Flavors (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Big Bend National Park (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Bobsledding or Bobsleigh (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Boom! Crash! What's That Noise? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Bouncy Cranberries! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Bumblebee Bat (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Butterfly Life Cycle (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Cesar Chavez (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Cesar Chavez's Childhood (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Cicada Life Cycle (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Crocodiles and Alligators (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Cut, Snip, and Dry -- There's No Need To Cry! (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Cut? Then Clean and Cover! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Daylight Saving Time (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Deep Sea Diners: The Eating Habits of an Octopus (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Do You Bully Yourself? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Don't Call It Dirt! (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Don't Forget the Dental Floss (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Earth Day's Founding Father (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Earth's Oceans (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Earthworms and Soil (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Easy as Pie...Pumpkin Pie, That is! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Every Pet Needs a Vet (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Every Thing Needs Food (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Fascinating Frogs (Grade 2-5 Readability)
     First a Scrape, Then a Scab (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Floating on the Wind (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Flutter, Flutter (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Flying Snakes (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Flying the Flag (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Following Polaris: A Native American Tale (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Forces and Magnets (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Frogs and Toads (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     From a Seed to a Sunflower (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     From the Cow to the Carton: How Milk Gets to You (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Fruitcake -- A Sweet Christmas Treat (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Gasses (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Geography Words (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     George Selden (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     George Stanley (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Gila Monsters (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Giraffes (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Gloves and Mittens (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Go With The Flow: Liquids (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Grab, Run, Slide, the Skeleton Is Quite a Ride! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Growth - When Will You Notice? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Helping - Be a Good Helper (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Honeybee or Wasp? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     How Are Ocean Waves Made? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     How Do Flying Squirrels Fly? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     How Do We Get Salt? (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     How Does Soap Make Bubbles? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     How Laws Are Made (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     How the Cat Began (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     How to Catch (or Not to Catch!) a Cold (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     How to Make a Snowman (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     I Am Rosa Parks (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Ice Hockey (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Is it Okay to Argue? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Itsy Bitsy Spider (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Judith Viorst (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Let There Be Light (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Let's Go on a Garbage Walk (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Lichens (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Luge (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Make a Difference Express (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Make the Switch to Whole Grains (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Making Dried-out Bread (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Meet Allosaurus (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Meet Ankylosaurus (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Brachiosaurus (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Chasmosaurus (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Coelophysis (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Compsognathus (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Diplodocus (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Meet Maiasaura (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Spinosaurus (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Stegosaurus (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Troodon (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Tyrannosaurus Rex (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Meet Utahraptor (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Mr. Penguin, Watch that Egg! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Naming the Continents (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Naughty Nancy (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Nordic Combined (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     One Hundred Days of School Is Cool (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Organization - Sort It Today and Find It Later! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Paula Danziger (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Pill Bugs (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Plants Make Food (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Plants on the Arctic Tundra (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Play the Dairy Game (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Potatoes (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Progress - Slowly Making Progress (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Ready, Set, Skate! Olympic Speed Skating (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Rolling Uranus (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     S-l-o-w Sloths (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Same Old Season? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Sand Castle Fun! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Sarah Stewart and the Sweet, Sweet Silence (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Saturn's Shining Rings (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Saving Money - How Do You Handle Money? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Sea Turtles (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Shoots and Roots (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Short Track Speed Skating (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Ski Jumping (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Slow and Steady--The Sloth (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Snails and Slugs (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Snakes (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Snowboarding (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Snowstorm (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Songbirds (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Spaceship Earth (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Spring Peepers (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Starfish (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Stephen Krensky: Just an Ordinary Guy (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Stop Bullying Me! (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Streams and Rivers (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     Taking Care of Your Teeth (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Thanksgiving Dinner (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Addax (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Arctic Tundra (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Best Room (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     The History of Gingerbread (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The King of Clouds (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Life Cycle of a Frog (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     The Mammal Behind the Mask (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Nile River (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Open Door at the Library (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     The Right Way to Wash Your Hands (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Seahorse (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     The Season of Autumn (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Season of Spring (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Season of Summer (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Season of Winter (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     The Secret Life of Seeds (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Sense of Smell: Get a Whiff of This! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Tiniest Winter Wonderland (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     The Water Cycle: Powered by the Sun (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Tides and Sea Life (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Traveling Seeds (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Truth - Tell the Truth (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Tulips (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Useful Mudpies: The Soil Squeeze Test (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Valentine's Day (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Venus...Earth's Sister? (Grade 2-3 Readability)
     Vision - How Your Eyes Handle Light (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Walrus (Grade 2-5 Readability)
     Weather - Choosing the Perfect Outfit! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What Are Goods and Services? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     What Are Wants and Needs? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     What Can I Do With My Soda Cans? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Can a Horse Tail Tell You? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What Causes Monsoons? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What Comes From Corn? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What Do Plants Eat? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Is Air? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     What Is Erosion? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Is Friction? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Is It? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Is Soil? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Is Weather? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What Is a Food Chain? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Is a Force? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Is a Landform? (Grade 1-2 Readability)
     What Makes Wind? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     What's the Coolest Color? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     When the Skin's Too Small It's Time To Shed It All! (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Where Do Box Turtles Go in Winter? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Where Do Seeds Come From? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Why Do We Have Pearl Harbor Day? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Why Does Weather Change? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Why Is Billy Such a Bully? (Grade 1-3 Readability)
     Would You Like to Be a Doctor? (Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Write a Headline Poem (Grade 2-3 Readability)

Second Grade Reading Comprehensions
     "I Want" Gets Nothing
     A Bicycle for Jake
     A Broken Heart
     A Cloudy Day
     A Colorful Donut - The Color Wheel
     A Coral Reef
     A Day of My Life
     A Day on the Farm
     A Fall Fair
     A Flag for Everyone
     A Funny Map
     A Gift for Dad
     A Good Day for a Nature Walk
     A Good Gang!
     A Good Idea
     A Grrreat Art Style - Fauvism
     A Hairy Invader
     A Healthy Plate
     A House for Birds
     A Kid's Best Friend
     A Mask for Sam
     A Mosquito Bite
     A Most Excellent Esophagus
     A Most Memorable Memorial Day
     A Mother's Love
     A Mother's Work
     A Murder in the Garden
     A New Country
     A New Friend
     A New Kind of Farm
     A New Kitten
     A New Life
     A New Puppy
     A New View for You - Perspective
     A New Way to Measure
     A New Year
     A Penny for Your Thoughts
     A Plethora of Animals
     A Presidential Project - Mt. Rushmore
     A Report on the Miami Indians
     A Sport with a Funny Name! Curling
     A Sticky Situation
     A Sweet Time with Gingerbread
     A Tale of Health Care
     A Taste Nightmare
     A Tibetan Monk Says a Prayer
     A Tick Bite
     A Treat for Trudy the Troodon
     A Visit to a Ghost Town
     A Wild Ride: Equestrian Vaulting
     Abby's Choice
     Adding Two Digit Numbers
     Alice's Spring
     All By Myself!
     All by Myself!
     Almost Anything Goes in a Collage
     Always Before Me!
     Among Gorillas
     An Account of Her Own
     An Apple Grows in Washington
     An E-Mail from Blair the Blizzard
     An E-mail from Charlie Cloud
     An E-mail from Dharma the Dust Storm
     An E-mail from Foster Fog
     An E-mail from Hector the Hurricane
     An E-mail from Randy Raindrop
     An E-mail from Sandy Snow
     An E-mail from Sarah Sleet
     An E-mail from Tommy the Tornado
     An E-mail from William Weather
     An Earth Day Song
     An Odd Fish, the Seahorse
     Andres Is Kidnapped in Colombia
     Angel Island
     Angel of the Battlefield
     Ann and Kirsten Share Ideas
     Ann and Kirsten Start an Anti-Bullying Club
     Ann and Kirsten's Anti-bullying Meeting
     Ann and the Cafeteria Bully
     Anna Goes to Camp
     Annabelle from Uganda Fights HIV
     Answering the Phone
     Anthemius' Floating Byzantine Dome
     Apology Poetry
     Apple Picking Day
     Apples Aren't Always Red
     Arches and Concrete in Ancient Rome
     Are You Afraid?
     Are You a Bully?
     Are You a Scientist?
     Armadillos: Mammals with Armor
     Arnold Lobel
     Art Nouveau - The Noodle Style
     Art You Can Walk On - Mosaics
     Art on a Wall
     Art's Wild Side - Primitivism
     Aunt Tilly's Garden
     Baby Talk Art
     Back to School Writing Assignment
     Back to School
     Bad Breath
     Baker, Baker, Donut Maker
     Baking Cookies Builds Character
     Barn Mystery
     Be a Good Sport
     Beach Day for Ashley
     Bears in Disguise
     Beating Bird Flu
     Beauty in Stillness
     Being a Cat
     Beverly Cleary
     Bicycle Safety
     Biff for President
     Big Groups, Little Groups
     Big, Black Blizzards!
     Birds and Beaks
     Birds in the House
     Bobby's Bowling Team
     Body Parts Expert
     Boiling Over
     Bolivia - Geography
     Bored in the Snow?
     Bosco's Manners
     Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Song for a Flag
     Brown Bears
     Buddy Is Lost!
     Budget Blues
     Building a House
     Buying a Jacket
     Caitlyn's Class
     Campout Cooking
     Can I Move a Muscle Now?
     Canada in World War I
     Canada in World War II
     Canada's Prairie Farmers
     Carl's Chicken Pox
     Carmen the Camarasaurus Gets Her Wish
     Carrie Learns About Caring in a Car
     Catch a Canary
     Celine's Story: Gender Disparity in Togo
     Chemistry by the Numbers: Acids and Bases
     Child Soldiers All Over the World
     Chip's New Home
     Chocolate Chip Cookie Dreams
     Choose Carefully
     Christmas at the Shelter
     Chuckles the Chimp and Charlie
     Clear Talk
     Comparing Plants and Animals
     Cones Are Like Flowers
     Constructive Erosion: Soil
     Crazy Baroque Art
     Dairy Foods on My Plate
     Dancing Dressage Horses
     Dangerous Vibrations
     Danny's Birthday
     David's Duck
     Debbie Dadey
     Delaware and the Underground Railroad (Grades 2-4)
     Describing Physical Properties of Matter
     Dinner with Fred
     Dino Dance
     Dinosaur Hunters - Ankylosaurus
     Do I Really Need It?
     Do You Have the Map?
     Do You Hear What I Hear?
     Dolley Madison Saves President Washington
     Dominique Needs a Job
     Donna the Donkey
     Dots and Dashes
     Dr. Dinosaur's Question
     Dr. Lena
     Dr. Seuss
     Duckling Summer
     Earth Day Art
     Earth Day Begins
     Earth, the Just-Right Planet
     Eat Healthy, Grow Strong
     Eating Healthy When Eating Out
     Eight by Eight with Bells
     Eleven by Eleven with Soccer
     Empty Calories
     Endorsing a Check
     Every Litter Bit
     Expensive Energy
     FICO Score - What is That?
     Family Reunion
     Fancy Writing and Other Islamic Art
     Far Away Friends
     Field Day
     Filling Out a Deposit Slip
     Finding Canada
     Finding Inexpensive Things to Do
     Finding Your Way
     Finland - Geography
     Fired Up
     First Day at a New School
     First Day in Second Grade
     Fish of the Reef
     Five by Five with Gum
     Flippers and Whiskers
     Food Is Not Green
     Football and Skiing?
     Four by Four for Trucks
     Fourth of July Sister
     Freddy and the Freight Train
     Freddy for President
     From Mildred to Babe
     Gabriella Gets a Hearing Aide in Mexico
     Gail Gibbons
     Garon Gets Golf Lessons
     Garon's Gecko
     Garter Snakes
     Gary for President
     Gary the Goat?
     Gerald McDermott: Tale Spinner
     Gertrude Chandler Warner
     Gertrude the Goose Gets a Surprise
     Get Out the Vote
     Gift for a Snowman
     Ginger Village Panic (Grades 2-3)
     Going Batty
     Going to South America
     Goodbye, Pyramid; Hello, MyPlate!
     Gothic Gargoyles and Churches
     Grains on My Plate
     Grand, Uncomfortable Castles
     Grandma Cannot Do Cartwheels Anymore
     Grandma's Garden
     Grandpa's Hearing Aids
     Grandpa's Sailboat
     Green Snakes
     Grocery Lists
     Grooming Leo
     Growers of Food
     Harry the Silky Chicken
     Have You Seen
     Health Care Is Important
     Hearts and Flowers
     Hector Learns About Helpfulness on a Horse
     Help Wanted Ads
     Helping a Little
     Henry Hardy's Rampaging Pumpkin
     Here Comes the Bus!
     Here or There? Composition Basics
     Hockey Girl
     Holding a Grudge
     Honoring the Dogs
     Hot! Hot! Hot!
     How Do You Grow?
     How Does Soap Work?
     How Humans Can Affect Weather
     How Long Is a Year?
     How Machines Affect Our Lives
     How Much Is too Much?
     How Often Should I Shop?
     How Vibrations Make Sounds
     How the Water Beetle Made Land
     How to Help Someone Who is Bleeding
     Hudson Bay Furs
     Hungary - Geography
     I Am an Immigrant
     I Can Do More!
     I Can't Find What I Want
     I Don't Want to Go
     I Live at a Shelter
     I Want to Be a Zoo Worker
     I Want to be in the Olympics - Part 1
     I Want to be in the Olympics - Part 2
     I Wish I Were ...
     If I Had...
     Immigrants All
     In Bed
     In Winter
     Into the Wild Blue Yonder
     Introduction to Couplets
     Introduction to Volcanoes
     Introduction to the Brain and Nervous System (Grades 2 to 4)
     It Is Never Too Late
     It's a Classic
     Ivy Bakes a Pie
     Jack's Lantern
     Jake and Jackie Plant a Tree
     Jake and Jackie Teach How to Tie a Shoe
     Jamal Has Big Trouble from a Bug Bite
     Jason's Big Hike
     Jeff Brown
     Jen's Journal
     Jimmy's Hat
     Joe and the Magic Genie
     July the 4th
     Karl's Kitchen
     Katie's First Day of School
     Kayla Hates Green
     Keeping Blood Clean
     Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy
     Keisha Suffers from Animal Cruelty
     Keith Interviews Ana, the Imperial Amazon Parrot
     Keith Interviews Carla Condor
     Keith Interviews Chad, the Blue Whale
     Keith Interviews Glenn Gorilla
     Keith Interviews His Dog's Cousin
     Keith Interviews Jimmy, the Loggerhead Turtle
     Keith Interviews Mei, the Giant Panda
     Keith Interviews Miguel, the Brown Spider Monkey
     Keith Interviews a Dragon
     Keith and the Otter Brothers
     Keith and the Tiger Tragedy
     Ken's Resolution
     Kevin Henkes
     Kids in Depression Times: Wally - 1938
     Kitty Mystery
     Labor Day Kindness
     Ladybug Life Cycle
     Landmines: Deadly Surprises
     Laura Helps the Street Children of Ecuador
     Laura Secord Saves the Day
     Leaf Me Alone!
     Learning About Rocks
     Learning to Play the Piano
     Lenny Learns About Losing
     Lester Learns to Listen
     Let Your Fingers Do the Marching
     Let's Go to the Beach
     Letters from Korea
     Letters to Dr. Dinosaur
     Letters to Sam
     Liang in a Chinese Cancer Village
     Life in a Tide Pool
     Lisa for President
     Lisa the Lizard
     Little Loon Learns a Lesson
     Living Near a Nuclear Power Plant
     Liz Overcomes Homelessness in America
     Locking the House
     Locks of Love
     Looking at Earth from Space
     Lost Treasures
     Lots of Boxes!
     Lumpy Rug Day
     Lynn Babysits for the First Time
     Madagascar - Geography
     Magic Egg
     Magnets Pull and Push
     Making Canada
     Making Money
     Making a Big Splash with Water Polo!
     Making a Calendar
     Making a Constitution
     Making a Schedule
     Malcolm Finds a Home in Brazil
     Marco Is Missing
     Marco Splashes in Acid Rain
     Marie's Race
     Mars, the Red Planet
     Martina the Praying Mantis
     Me Llamo Pablo
     Meet Dr. Dinosaur!
     Meet Helen Keller
     Meet Mr. T
     Meeting My World
     Megan Learns the Tides
     Mercury, a Rocky Ball
     Mesa Verde (Grades 2-3)
     Michael Helps Ben at the Food Bank
     Michael Meets the So-wi-bam
     Mighty Mouth
     Mike's Phonecakes
     Mikey Two Eggs
     Mikey's Mixed Up, Messed Up Day
     Mikey's Wild Ride
     Milo's Mittens
     Minegoo of the Singing Waters (A Micmac Legend)
     Minty's Christmas Surprise
     Mira Star Explores with Her Senses
     Mirtala from Guatemala Gets Enough to Eat
     Miss Brenda's Good Table Manners Game
     Missing Dad
     Monkey See, Monkey Do
     More Landforms
     More Than Up and Down
     Mrs. Hall's Special Day
     Mrs. Kim's Class Meets the Dodo
     My Brother Is in a Wheelchair!
     My Ears
     My Eyes
     My Hands Aren't Dirty
     My New Sister
     My Red Hen
     My Single Mom
     My Skin
     MyPlate: The Dairy Food Group
     MyPlate: The Fruit Food Group
     MyPlate: The Grain Food Group
     MyPlate: The Protein Food Group
     Mystery of the Missing Birthday
     Name Poetry
     Nancy and the Noise Wall
     Nature's Repeating Patterns
     Needs for Life
     Nepal - Geography
     Never Again
     New Books to Read
     New Jersey (Grades 2-4)
     Nine by Nine with Baseball
     No Surprises in Your Water
     Not Again!
     Not a "Little" Writer
     Not an Average Bird Brain
     Nothing to Do
     Now and Then - Everyday Life in a New England Town
     Oh, Say Can You See?
     Oils on My Plate
     Olga Learns About Organization on an Ocean Liner
     Olympic Flowers
     Omega Owl and the Scary Night
     On The Night Before School Starts
     On Top of the World
     On the Edge
     One Dark and Stormy Night
     One Stitch, Two Stitch, Red, White, and Blue Stitch
     One, Two, Three Strikes You're Out
     Onion Domes and Other Wonders
     Oops, I Bounced
     Opening a Checking Account
     Otis the Rhyming Giant
     Ouch! My Head Hurts!
     Painting a Rainbow
     Pan Gu Created The Sky and Earth
     Papa Wood Duck's Gift
     Parts That Make a Whole
     Patty the Pizza Princess
     Paulo's Forest
     Pearly Whites
     Pennsylvania (Grades 2-4)
     Penny the Pint-Sized Penguin
     People Need Ears
     People, People Everywhere
     Percy the Pterosaur's First Flight
     Peru - Geography
     Pete's Pirate Party
     Peter's Crazy Calendars
     Physical Activity
     Pick a Perfect Pet
     Picky Paul
     Pictures in Rocks
     Pine Cone Feeder (includes craft)
     Pine Cone Fun
     Pine Cone Garland
     Pine Cone Walk
     Ping Pong Goes the Ball!
     Planning a Trip to an Amusement Park
     Playground Gossip Hurts
     Po's New Year
     Pocahontas (Grades 2-3)
     Poetry Backwards
     Pointillism - Lots and Lots of Dots!
     Poison Ivy
     Poland - Geography
     Polar Bear Ice-Capade
     Pop Goes Art!
     Post Office Workers
     Potato Latkes (Grades 2 to 3)
     Pretty Stained Glass
     Pretty as a Picture
     Preventing Fires While Fishing
     Prevost's Squirrels
     Prin the Rockhopper
     Proteins on My Plate
     Puppy in the Road
     Putting on a New Face with Face Painting
     Rachel Interviews Aaron the Desert Locust
     Rachel Interviews Baron the Brine Fly
     Rachel Interviews Bruno the Rhinoceros Beetle
     Rachel Interviews Fred the Flea
     Rachel Interviews Gene the Grasshopper
     Rachel Interviews Hasan the Hissing Cockroach
     Rachel Interviews Jimmy the Yellowjacket
     Rachel Interviews Lorna the Ladybug
     Rachel Interviews Mandy
     Rachel Interviews Molly the Mosquito
     Rachel Interviews Sylvia the Stick Bug
     Rachel Interviews Tad the Termite
     Rachel Interviews Wendy the Water Strider
     Rails, Roads, and Water
     Rain, Rain
     Rainforest at Night
     Rainforest in Daylight
     Randolph's Adventure
     Ready, Aim, Shoot that Arrow!
     Rebecca's Family Visits the Food Bank
     Remembering Grandpa Dave
     Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
     Ride for the Gold
     Riders in Red
     Ring Around the Olympics
     River Rats
     Robby and the Rodeo
     Robert Kraus
     Robert McCloskey
     Ron Roy: Never Give Up!
     Round, Silly Rococo Art
     Run, Jump, and Throw
     Running with Fire
     Russell Hoban
     Sad Little Scarecrow
     Safe Crossings
     Saida Goes to School in Afghanistan
     Saint Valentine and Claudius
     Samoset's Thanksgiving
     Save Our Trees
     Save Our Wetlands
     School Is Ending
     School Is Starting
     Scientists Study the Melting Arctic Ice
     Scrambled Eggs
     Scully the Guide Dog Helps Scott
     Sea Otters and Manatees
     See Sally Ride Through Space
     Sengbe and the Amistad - "Give Us Free!"
     Sensory Poetry
     Sergey Bubka
     Seven by Seven with Ladybugs
     Shake, Rattle, and Roll
     Shapes and More Shapes in Cubism
     Shining Sea, Come Back
     Shooting Skeets!
     Shutta Crum, Storyteller
     Signs of Easter
     Silly Shapes
     Simba and the Mouse
     Six by Six with Socks
     Snow Cream
     Snow Day!
     Snow Signs
     Soap and Popsicle Stick Art
     Sock it to Recycling!
     Something for a Song and a Dance
     Sometimes It's Hard to Say Goodbye
     Sound and Music
     Special Goslings
     Special Shoes
     Spider or Insect?
     Splatters and Splashes of Abstract Art
     Spring Chickens
     Spring Surprise
     Squish! The Best Free Present
     Stan and Jan Berenstain
     Statue of Liberty
     Staying Close to Home for Vacation
     Steven Kellogg
     Sticks and Swords: The Art and Sport of Fencing
     Stinky Air, Get Away from There!
     Stories in Our Head
     Storm Safety
     Suleiman Flies a Kite in a Refugee Camp
     Summer in the Sand
     Supply and Demand
     Surprise Some Adults!
     Suzy Kline
     Swimmer's Ear
     Take Me for a Jump!
     Take a Tour of the Skeletal System, Part 1
     Taking Care of a Pet
     Talented Greek Architects
     Tammy's Sunshine
     Tawa and the Spider Woman (A Hopi Legend)
     Teesha Drinks Clean Water
     Temperature Changes
     Ten by Ten with Dimes
     Thank You Berry Much
     Thanksgiving Readers' Theater
     That Makes Cents!
     That Pretty White Dog
     The After School Snack
     The Animals' Purpose (A Creek Legend)
     The Anti-Bullying Poster Contest
     The Aquarium
     The Arizona Desert
     The Art of Melting Clocks
     The Astounding Apples of the Post Impressionists
     The Bee Sting
     The Best Pet Ever
     The Best Salesman in the World
     The Best Sport
     The Best Thanksgiving Ever
     The Best Vegetables in the World
     The Big Top
     The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat
     The Bladder
     The Body's Highway System
     The Calli Cat
     The Case of the Masked Bandit
     The Case of the Missing Money
     The Champ
     The Christmas Wish
     The Cleanest Boy in Mill City
     The Curlicue Architecture of Art Nouveau
     The Cycle of the Seasons
     The Day Ash Fell
     The Deli
     The Dinosaur Bully
     The Drop Drill
     The Easter Present
     The Excretory System
     The First Day of Summer
     The Flying Panzer
     The Food Guide Pyramid
     The Forest Floor
     The Fourth of July
     The Fox and the Grapes
     The French Chef's Eggs
     The Fuzzy Flowers of Impressionism
     The Great American Smokeout (Grades 2 to 3)
     The Great Chocolate Cake Compromise
     The Great Depression
     The Great Pine Cone Battle
     The Green-Eyed Monster
     The Grey Pression
     The Heart (Grades 2 to 3)
     The Homemade Band
     The Horrid Three-Horned Face
     The Hubble Space Telescope
     The Interview
     The Intestines
     The Iroquois (Grades 2-3)
     The Kidneys
     The King Who Couldn't Sing
     The Litter Box
     The Lonely Reindeer
     The Lost Salmon (Grades 2-3)
     The Missing Socks
     The Mood Meter
     The Moon
     The Mostest Bestest
     The Mysterious Thing-a-ma-jig
     The Mystery of Friendship
     The Mystery of the Bone that Grew
     The Mystery of the Floating Boy
     The Mystery of the Missing Children and Babysitter
     The Navajo
     The New Girl
     The New House
     The Nez Perce
     The Nose Knows
     The Old Goat and the Idaho Potato
     The Owl and the Mouse
     The Panther and the Python
     The Pine Cone
     The Plains Indians (Grades 2-3)
     The Play-Magic Garden
     The Power of Music
     The Pueblo
     The Pumpkin Race
     The Red Maple Spreads Its Wings
     The Sassy Squirrel
     The Shape of Things
     The Sioux
     The Sledding Party
     The Sock Robber
     The Stomach
     The Stormy Shore
     The Story of Coal
     The Sun
     The Swoosh
     The Teacher and Her Dino
     The Three Little Frogs
     The Tooth Jar (Grades 2-3)
     The Travels of the Hat, Part 2 Hurricane Season
     The Travels of the Hat, Part 3: Off the Pier
     The Travels of the Hat, Part 6 Back to Charleston
     The Trip Home
     The Ute
     The Walrus and the Whale
     These Old Planets
     Those Fanciful Tales
     Three by Three for Clowns
     Throwing a Pot!
     Tickling Our Funny Bones with Computer Art
     Tidal Pool
     Timmy the Tractor
     To Avoid a Pinch
     To the Stars
     Tommy Gets a Pet
     Tommy Learns about Trustworthiness on a Train
     Tommy Tortoise Goes on a Trip
     Too Busy for Breakfast
     Too Many Davids
     Too Many Puppies and Kittens!
     Tournament of Roses Parade (Grades 2-4)
     Trash Men
     Tree Squirrels
     Tulip, the True-Blue Kangaroo
     Turkey - Geography (Grades 2-4)
     Twelve by Twelve with Eggs
     Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
     Two by Two
     Tyler's Good Soup
     Ukraine - Geography (Grades 2-4)
     Uncle Fred's Cigar
     Up or Down
     Use It or Lose It
     Using a Map
     Vanessa for President
     Vegetables on My Plate
     Velvet the Scaredy Cat
     Vera B. Williams
     Vietnam - Geography (Grades 2-4)
     Virginia Lee Burton
     Visiting Katie
     Wagon Train Adventure
     Waldo Worm's Watercolor
     Wall Scribbles
     Walnut Grove, Minnesota (Grades 2-3)
     Walter Dean Myers
     Walter Learns about Work on a Walk
     Wash Your Hands!
     Water Power
     Water, Water
     Ways to Keep Your Digestive System Working (Grades 2-4)
     Weasel's Measles
     Welcome to America
     Welcome to Davis
     Wendy's World - A Man With a Dream
     Wendy's World - A Visit to the Farm
     Wendy's World - Changes Over Time
     Wendy's World - Columbus Day
     Wendy's World - Constitution Week
     Wendy's World - Everyday Heroes
     Wendy's World - Monuments
     Wendy's World - Night and Day
     Wendy's World - The High Price of Gasoline
     Wendy's World - The Irish
     Wendy's World - Three Branches
     Wendy's World - Visitors from Japan
     Wendy's World
     Wendy's World- Barter and Trade
     Wendy's World- Flag Day
     Wendy's World- Flying Machines
     Wendy's World- Guilty or Not Guilty?
     Wendy's World- Labor Day
     Wendy's World- Let's Make a Map
     Wendy's World- Meet Mr. Lincoln
     Wendy's World- Memorial Day
     Wendy's World- Migration
     Wendy's World- Natural Resources
     Wendy's World- Our Family Tree
     Wendy's World- Profit
     Wendy's World- Regions
     Wendy's World- The International Fair
     Wendy's World- The Pledge of Allegiance
     Wendy's World- Thomas Edison
     Wendy's World- What Can We Do to Help?
     Wendy's World- What Is a President?
     Wendy's World- What Your Money Does in a Bank
     Wendy's World- What is a Leader?
     Wendy's World- Where Am I?
     Wendy's World-Communication
     Westward Ho
     Whales and Dolphins
     What Animals Do When They're Afraid
     What Are Clouds?
     What Are Earthquakes?
     What Are Emotions?
     What Can I Do?
     What Do Germs Do?
     What Do We Do With the Rest?
     What Do You Know About the Moon?
     What Does a Globe Show Us?
     What Has Feathers, but Cannot Fly?
     What Is His Name?
     What Is Inside the Earth?
     What Is It?
     What Is This? A Five Senses Game
     What Is Tobacco?
     What Is Your Favorite Color?
     What Is a Magnet?
     What Is a Star?
     What To Do About a Bully
     What Would We Eat Without Plants?
     What a Day!
     What a Ride! Cisco Competes in Three-Day Eventing
     What to Do for Father's Day
     What's In a Name?
     What's My Job?
     What's Up?
     What's Wrong in Alaska?
     What's Your Address?
     What's a Map?
     Where Am I? A Five Senses Game
     Where Did My Hamburger Go?
     Where Do You Live?
     Where Does Honey Come From?
     Where Is My Pen?
     Where is Sally?
     Which Medium Is Just Right?
     Which of the Seven Ancient Wonders Is Still Here?
     Who Will Help Me?
     Whose Fault?
     Whose Harp?
     Whose Valentine?
     Why Am I so Tired?
     Why Bears Have Short Tails
     Why Do Adults Work?
     Why Do We Breathe? (Grades 2 to 4)
     Why Do We Estimate?
     Why Do We Need Laws, Anyway?
     Why Save the Rainforests?
     Wish for Fireworks
     Woodlands Indians
     Would You Fly If You Could?
     Writing a Check
     Wylie the Wolf
     You Have a Telegram
     You Like Him Best!, Part 1
     You Like Him Best!, Part 2
     You Like Him Best!, Part 3
     You Like Him Best!, Part 4
     Your Bones (Grades 2 to 4)
     Zoe's Colors
     Zook: A Polar Bear's Tale of Global Warming

Monthly Read and Color Books

Read and Color Books: Grades K-2
Random selections from the downloadable books (grades K-2) section:

View all of the Grades K-2 read and color downloadable books

Literature Units

     Grade 2 Book Units


     Milk and Broccoli
     The Fishing Trip
     I'm Going to Grandma's!
     The Ghost in Grandfather's Barn
     Penny the Purple Sheep
     Teamwork for Lunch
     The Baby Goes Bump
     School Picture Day!
     Snoogles, Froogles, and Goodle Bars
     Winning Tastes
     Scout it Out
     Moose Cottage
     The Reel World
     A Dog For Jennie
     The Camping Trip
     Pet Day
     Dog Day Picnic
     The Winter Spring Garden
     Arthur's Dreams
     Sandbox Adventure
     The Snow Hill
     Max's Birthday Surprise
     The Missed Party

Grade 2 Daily Themes

    Jan 01  A Big Change
    Jan 02  The Perfect Soup
    Jan 02  Captain Tom Saves the Day
    Jan 04  Jeopardy Jacob
    Jan 05  The Secret Ingredient
    Jan 06  Aidan Is Angry at Alan Again
    Jan 07  An Elephant's Eye
    Jan 07  The Rock Collection
    Jan 08  Bubble Bath Time
    Jan 08  Seeing Things Differently
    Jan 09  Writing a Letter
    Jan 10  The Oatmeal Ogre
    Jan 11  Somewhere Under There
    Jan 12  Skaterrific!
    Jan 13  A Big Yellow Monster
    Jan 14  Miss Sparkles Sparkles
    Jan 15  A Bird on My Arm
    Jan 15  The Travels of the Hat, Part 1: Lost in Charleston
    Jan 16  The Dragon Stone
    Jan 17  To Be an Eagle
    Jan 18  Sleepyhead
    Jan 24  Jasmine's Big Problem
    Jan 26  A Trip Down Under
    Jan 28  Pop! Pop! Pop!
    Jan 28  Mark Is Too Busy
    Jan 29  Skates for Stacie
    Jan 29  Electronic Puzzle
    Jan 29  Not His Mother
    Jan 31  Marla Paints

    Feb 01  Oops~
    Feb 01  A Place of Her Own
    Feb 02  A Prickly Angel
    Feb 03  Pet Rabbits
    Feb 04  What a Face!
    Feb 04  The Mailman
    Feb 05  More Nutella, Please!
    Feb 06  The Rainbow Ribbon
    Feb 07  Poking a Cake
    Feb 08  The Little Red Schoolhouse
    Feb 10  Game Over!
    Feb 10  Your Name Is What?
    Feb 11  Papa Russo
    Feb 11  What to Do with a White T-Shirt
    Feb 12  James Oglethorpe
    Feb 13  Choosing Names
    Feb 13  New Name Fun
    Feb 14  An Extra Special Valentine
    Feb 14  Around and Around
    Feb 15  Gumdrop Q & A
    Feb 15  Jell-O Girl
    Feb 16  Mardi Gras
    Feb 16  Make a Grouch Grin!
    Feb 17  I Don't Want To Play
    Feb 17  Aim for Fame
    Feb 18  That's Weird!
    Feb 19  Only Timmy!
    Feb 20  The Great Clam Chowder Fight
    Feb 21  Sweet Potato Pie
    Feb 22  Read Me
    Feb 24  That's What She Likes
    Feb 25  Hot! Hot! Hot!
    Feb 25  Derek's Quiet Day
    Feb 27  I Wish I Was a Polar Bear
    Feb 29  Celebrate Leap Day!
    Feb 29  Mindy's Surprise Party

    Mar 01  What on Earth?
    Mar 01  Pigs
    Mar 02  Those Fanciful Tales
    Mar 04  What Did You Say?
    Mar 04  Thank a GI
    Mar 05  Jo and the Yo-Yo
    Mar 05  Procrastination
    Mar 06  The New Girl
    Mar 07  Fighting a Giant
    Mar 08  Marching to Glory
    Mar 08  Colcannon
    Mar 08  Naming a Hamster
    Mar 08  A Little Boy's Garden
    Mar 09  Move On!
    Mar 10  How to Be Awesome
    Mar 11  Stop Clowning Around!
    Mar 13  Ms. Cari's Craft Shop
    Mar 16  A Family with No Lips
    Mar 18  Ginger's Visit to the Vet
    Mar 19  A New Favorite
    Mar 20  At Last, a Corn Dog
    Mar 22  A Goofing Off Day
    Mar 23 (BUBBLE BLOWERS' DAY)  Bubble Art
    Mar 23  Jamie Gets a Puppy
    Mar 23  Bree's Bubble Trick
    Mar 26  A Special Kind of Day
    Mar 27  Go Ride a Kite
    Mar 28  McKayla 1, Weeds 1
    Mar 30  Peg's Pencils

    Apr 01  Easter Bonnets
    Apr 01  Talking Around the World
    Apr 01  Very Curious Music
    Apr 02  Keep America Beautiful for All of Us!
    Apr 04  Library Books, Library Card
    Apr 04  The Golden Rule
    Apr 05  Kara's Kite and the Big Wind
    Apr 07  No Cleaning Today!
    Apr 09  Lisa's Picnic
    Apr 13  "It's Your Fault!"
    Apr 14  The Wildest Guess
    Apr 16  I'm a Poet and I Know It
    Apr 17  Music on a Platter
    Apr 17  Grandma's Treasures
    Apr 17  The Morzov Tree
    Apr 18  Kenny's Collection
    Apr 20  That's Punny!
    Apr 24  Become a Junior Ranger
    Apr 27  Weeds
    Apr 28  Yuck!
    Apr 29  Porric the Penguin
    Apr 30  Adrian's Worst Day

    May 01  An Egg-cellent Lunch
    May 01  And It Is Free!
    May 01  A Day for Mother Goose
    May 03  Like Everyone Else
    May 04  My Favorite Teacher
    May 05  Grumpy Jerry
    May 06  The Penny Black
    May 08  I Love Trains
    May 10  The Biggest Hamburger You Can Buy
    May 14  Dancing Like a Chicken
    May 18  Gary of the Jungle
    May 23  Box Turtle Babies
    May 23  The Taffy Pull
    May 23  Penny's Pennies
    May 28  A Hamburger Dilemma
    May 30  Trading Buckets

    Jun 01  That's "Salad-a" Fun
    Jun 01  Mom's Rules
    Jun 02  I Didn't Know That!
    Jun 03  Patter's Eggs
    Jun 04  Pink Ribbons
    Jun 09  Grampa and Ben
    Jun 13  Lucky Charms
    Jun 16  The Clown Who Couldn't Juggle
    Jun 18  Princess Pru's Party
    Jun 19  Happy Birthday, Garfield
    Jun 21  Let's Clean Up!
    Jun 23  Waiting for Fairies
    Jun 24  What Do They Build?
    Jun 26  A Trip to the Dairy Farm
    Jun 30  I Wonder Why the Sky is Blue

    Jul 03  Cool Beans!
    Jul 04  A Day to be Free
    Jul 07  A Breakdown to Talk
    Jul 08  Confronting Boredom
    Jul 10  Ouch!
    Jul 16  Staring at the Sun
    Jul 16  Grandpa's in the Doghouse
    Jul 17  Why Be Normal?
    Jul 21  A Calf for Marti
    Jul 22  The Tale of the Pied Piper
    Jul 24  Amelia Earhart: A Woman of Adventure
    Jul 25  A New Spot for Spot
    Jul 25  Let's Pick Blueberries!
    Jul 26  Super Salad Sunday
    Jul 28  When I Grow Up
    Jul 31  Pepper at the Park

    Aug 01  Daria's Job
    Aug 01  Hooray for Family Meals
    Aug 03  The World's Best Fruit
    Aug 03  Time with Danny
    Aug 05  Working Like a Dog--Really?
    Aug 05  Two of a Kind
    Aug 08  A Special Dog
    Aug 08  The King
    Aug 09  "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires"
    Aug 10  Okay to be Lazy!
    Aug 13  The Trouble with Being Left-Handed
    Aug 15  Marika's New Puppy
    Aug 16  The Cow Chip Contest
    Aug 17  Born on a Mountaintop
    Aug 18  The Writing Club
    Aug 19  Grandma Gladys
    Aug 22  Angels with Dirty Faces
    Aug 23  Carrie v. Haley
    Aug 25  Willing to Lend a Hand
    Aug 29  Salt or Herbs?
    Aug 30  Camping Trip Cancelled
    Aug 31  Instant Energy

    Sep 01  Bobby and the Buzzy Bees
    Sep 01  The Queen and I
    Sep 01  Karen and Marybeth Learn About Manners
    Sep 02  Two Happy Mushrooms
    Sep 02  History of Honey
    Sep 03  Aaron's Ears
    Sep 03  Will's Waffles
    Sep 04  Big Plans
    Sep 05  Icky and Sticky
    Sep 06  Sal's Salami
    Sep 06  Lucy's Lesson
    Sep 07  Not Even a Blizzard
    Sep 07  A River of Bubbles!
    Sep 07  Enthusiasm and Teamwork
    Sep 08  John's Mom
    Sep 08  The Five B's for School Success
    Sep 10  I Have an Idea--for You!
    Sep 11  A Nose for America
    Sep 11  A Surprise for Mom
    Sep 12  Pop! Pop! Pop!
    Sep 12  The Best Milkshake
    Sep 13  Chocolate People
    Sep 14  Balance
    Sep 15  Chicken and Eggs
    Sep 16  Trail of Tears
    Sep 17  Alita Becomes a Citizen
    Sep 18  The Play-Doh Hospital
    Sep 18  What Is Respect?
    Sep 19  Talk Like a Pirate
    Sep 20  Robbie's Paws
    Sep 21  Are You Creative?
    Sep 22  Hobbit Day
    Sep 22  Changing Season
    Sep 22  Gordon's Friends
    Sep 23  Talking Hands
    Sep 23  Jamie's New Neighbor
    Sep 24  Miss B
    Sep 24  The Rumor
    Sep 25  Monster!
    Sep 25  Maria and Gwen
    Sep 26  The Shamu Show
    Sep 26  Apple Heads
    Sep 27  The Great Can Stomp
    Sep 28  The Ants' Picnic
    Sep 29  VFW Day
    Sep 29  The Goose Feather Bed
    Sep 29  New Moon Night
    Sep 30  Chimney Sweeps
    Sep 30  The Simple Safety Pin
    Sep 30  The Pin Contest

    Oct 01  Oliver's Wish
    Oct 01  Cookies in the Kitchen
    Oct 02  Not Just a Geek
    Oct 03  A Card for Jen
    Oct 04  World Space Week
    Oct 05  Stop, Drop, and Roll
    Oct 05  My Favorite Teacher
    Oct 06  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat
    Oct 07  Bathtub Time
    Oct 08  When He Was My Age
    Oct 09  Who Was First?
    Oct 09  Music! Music! Music!
    Oct 09  Doing Teshuvah
    Oct 10  A Day on the Wild Side
    Oct 11  What in the World?
    Oct 11  A Lesson Learned about Fire Safety
    Oct 12  Tick, Tock! Eddie Gets a Clock
    Oct 12  A Frog's Eye View
    Oct 13  Happy Birthday!
    Oct 13  To Be Like Columbus
    Oct 14  Andy's Top
    Oct 15  Oscar the Grouch
    Oct 15  What Can I Do?
    Oct 15  Haley's Grouchy Birthday Party
    Oct 16  The Dictionary Mouse
    Oct 16  Walking Dictionaries
    Oct 17  Best Friends
    Oct 17  Marielle's Dollar
    Oct 18  Chockit Cupcakes
    Oct 19  I Don't Want to Go!
    Oct 19  A Riddle for Your Noodle
    Oct 21  Screech for a Skink
    Oct 23  An Underground Festival
    Oct 23  Dora's Dinosaur
    Oct 24  Happy Bologna Day!
    Oct 24  A Cat Named Yoda
    Oct 27  Magic in the Air
    Oct 28  The Chocolate Museum
    Oct 30  Pumpkin Party

    Nov 01  My Best Friend
    Nov 03  The Best Sandwich
    Nov 04  Rock Candy Day
    Nov 04  It's Election Day
    Nov 05  Shelly's New Toy
    Nov 08  Tis Time to Write to Santa
    Nov 11  The Memory Box
    Nov 11  Kate's Veterans Day Poster
    Nov 14  Nick and the Teddy Bear
    Nov 19  Have a Bad Day!
    Nov 21  The Reason Flag
    Nov 28  Susie's Sixth Birthday
    Nov 28  Kyle Wants to Help
    Nov 29  Grandma's Non-birthday Card

    Dec 01  Pie Day Sale
    Dec 02  What Is Special Education?
    Dec 02  Cookie Cutter Shark
    Dec 04  I HaveANT Got Brown Shoes!
    Dec 10  A Special Request
    Dec 11  Up and Down, Up and Down
    Dec 12  The Sweetest House
    Dec 15  Hooray for the Underdog
    Dec 23  The Legend of the Popcorn Ball
    Dec 25  Pumpkin Pie Holiday
    Dec 27  Don't Be a Fruitcake!
    Dec 28  Too Much Chocolate
    Dec 29  Hot, Hot, Pepper Pot
    Dec 31  Nan Makes Up Her Mind

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