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2nd Grade Writing Worksheets

Writing Worksheets
Free 2nd Grade Writing Worksheets:
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Writing Worksheets for Second Grade Students

When students reach second grade, they are expected to write on a daily basis, with the goal of becoming independent writers. The second-grade writing standards specify that students should learn how to write a paragraph that includes a topic sentence and supporting details. Also, second-graders must gain awareness of their audience for writing and learn how to give descriptive detail for characters and settings in their essays, stories, and reports.

Writing Activities and Educational Standards for Second Grade

In the second grade, students learn about writing for different audiences and purposes. Writing activities should focus on second-grade writing standards, which emphasize the writing process.

The standards also state that children should be able to record ideas and reflections and express themselves in a variety of forms for different purposes. That means writing lists, letters, poems, stories, and brief narratives to tell about a personal-or imagined experience!

Second-grade students explore varied forms of writing such as creative writing, informative exposition, and persuasive essays. They will also use available technology to compose text. But believe it or not, your kids will have more fun working on these non-digital worksheets because it's a lot easier to get creative and draw pictures to illustrate what they're writing about.

Our worksheets offer fun exercises such as telling a story about a picture or writing double vowel words from illustrations. They'll get to work on storytelling, characters, ideas, details, descriptions, adjectives. One exercise asks students to draw a picture of themselves being responsible when caring for a pet, and another instructs them to draw a picture of their favorite toys.

Teachers love our worksheets because they're no-prep and great for extra work or for breaks during class. Parents love these printables because they are perfect for keeping kids entertained anywhere you can take a paper and pen, which is pretty much anywhere. And kids actually enjoy doing these worksheets!